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The National Household Survey (NHS) is voluntary, repeat, VOLUNTARY

We are receiving reports that citizens who received the National Household survey (NHS) are being repeatedly harrassed by census representatives to answer that survey.

Census reps are making repeated visits to homes. Some are trying to persuade you to complete that long and invasive questionnaire, and some are even trying to give the impression, without explicitly saying so, that the NHS is compulsory.

Our suggestion is that if a census rep visits your home asking you to complete the NHS, and you choose not to do so, you can do the following:

Census Reps wear an ID badge around their neck. Ask to examine that badge, and then very deliberately note and write down the rep's name and ID number. Then inform the rep that you do not want any further visits or contact from him/her; and that if they return to your home they will be trespassing and you will act accordingly.

That should slow 'em down.

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