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2016 Census to Access Your Income Tax Records!


The all-pervasive eyes of the Census will now be snooping into the private, personal income tax records of Canadians

That's right. Your income tax returns! If you are the 1 in 4 households which receive the now-mandatory long-form census, Statistics Canada has given itself the right to cross-link into your CRA income tax returns and access your income data.

Actually, StatsCan has given itself carte blanche to snoop into the tax records of ALL census respondents, not just the long-form respondents. Their intent may presently be to retrieve from the CRA the income information of just the long-form respondents. But by also putting that little notice at the beginning of the short form census, StatsCan can snoop into everyone's tax records in the future, at their leisure, if they so decide

And so much for the Canada Revenue Agency's longstanding assurances that your income data reported to them would remain strictly within the CRA, and not be shared with anyone.

If the CRA is now prepared to share your personal tax data with Statistics Canada, who else will the CRA next agree to divulge your tax information to?

We deduce that the computer linkage will require BOTH your NAME and your DATE-OF-BIRTH from your census form. These are the two unique identifiers needed in order to access your income tax data from the Canada Revenue Agency.

So many viewers tell us that they are either leaving the names question in the census blank, or else giving themselves a name like "First Resident" "Second Resident", or even "Iwant Privacy". Names like these are clearly an expression of privacy concerns, and are not meant to deceive.

Also, viewers are leaving the date of birth question blank, and just giving their age, which should be perfectly adequate for statistical purposes.

To discourage StatsCan nagging, many are leaving blank the contact information (phone number and email address), which appear at the beginning of the census return

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