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Lockheed Martin's role in the Canada Census since 2004 is not insignificant. In fact. millions of dollars of public taxpayer's money has been paid to Lockheed Martin (Canada) a subsidiary of US weapons of destruction manufacturer Lockheed Martin.

A 2006 issue of the CCPA Monitor magazine listed Lockheed Martin as one of the 10 Worst Corporations in the World.

Lockheed Martin (Canada) is headquartered in Kanata Ontario and has over 500 employees, working mostly on military-related projects.

Among Lockheed Martin's products is the F-16 fighter jet. Their website speaks of high levels of customer satisfaction with this weapon. It was a Lockheed Martin F-16 which dropped the bomb killing four Canadian soldiers in the friendly fire incident in Afghanistan. But it's sure nice to know that there is real customer satisfaction.

Here's a press story which summarizes the Lockheed Martin involvement in our Canada Census.

The President of Lockheed Martin (CANADA), T. Digan, comes with a profile which includes "a wealth of experience first as a career submariner in the US Navy . . ." (from LM Canada website). Yes, that's US Navy as in United States Navy.

We also wonder why Lockheed Martin, one of the biggest weapons manufacturers with close ties to the US military and allegedly to the CIA, has chosen to diversify into the census information-gathering business, particularly in other countries.

For the current 2016 census, do not know the present status of Lockheed Martin. We assume that LM has some sort of a small maintenance contract with StatsCan, or is receiving ongoing royalty payments. But it is possible that StatsCan is doing the maintenance in-house.

Notwithstanding the current status of LM, we continue to have concern that the 2016 census is built around the original Lockheed Martin product, and that Canadian taxpayer money went to Lockheed Martin at all. And our privacy concerns remain.

Canadians can easily register their disgust simply by providing only minimum cooperation with the May 2016 Census.

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