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Don't hesitate to use the many options offered by StatsCan

Information provided by Statistics Canada mentions several options that citizens can exercise. Every single option on this page is offered by Statistics Canada, so you have a right to exercise those options.We encourage you to use those that in your judgement are appropriate for you.
  • You have the option to file your census return on-line, or on paper. WE STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU AVOID ONLINE FILING developed by Lockheed Martin. We feel that the privacy of online data is more easily compromised in this new technology Also, you miss the fun of applying some minimum cooperation adornments to your paper census return.

  • You can request a replacement form if you lose the original form that Statistics Canada mailed you. After your request, it takes several weeks for StatsCan to mail you the extra forms. They may not arrive until after Census Day, so ask for a reference number to quote to any StatsCan people pestering you for your return. THIS CLEARLY IS A SUPERB MINIMUM COOPERATION TECHNIQUE, AS IT GENERATES CONSIDERABLE WORK FOR STATSCAN, AND ALSO PROVIDES A TOTALLY LEGITIMATE STALLING TACTIC.
    IMPORTANT. When you call Statscan to request replacement forms, you will probably be asked for your name. Since the census is organized by addresses and not by names, there is absolutely no reason why you should have to give your name. If StatsCan pressures you for your name because "their computer requires one", just stand firm and tell them that they can mail to forms to Henry Householder at your address.

  • You can request the census form in easy to read, large-print format. Very helpful given the amount of strain that our eyes endure in this day and age. Also helpful for anyone who ever gets headaches. Again, do not provide your name, just your household mailing address. And obtain a reference number.

  • You can be busy at the time that a census worker calls at your door, or on the phone. You can politely suggest another time when you are not busy. Or you can choose not to answer your doorbell if you are busy at the time.

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