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Here two sample pages from the current 2011 Census filled in to minimum-cooperation specifications. The information is provided, but not in a format that can be easily scanned by the Lockheed Martin software technology. IMPORTANT NOTE--we have since 2006 changed the specifications in favour of HANDWRITING, rather than printing the response. This is based on what we have since learned about the capabilities of the Lockheed Martin-designed scanning system:

Note: On the example census questionnaire pages above and below, we have some fun using example names of Harper. On your own form you should substitute the appropriate names (unless your name REALLY IS Harper), since it is an offence to provide false information to the census. Again, note that we now specify continuous handwriting instead of the distinct printed letters.

Of course, you will not be returning the census form right away. You may decide that you opt for the form in large-print format for easier reading. You may also adopt other minimum cooperation measures from the many suggestions outlined elsewhere in this website.And you certainly will not have submitted your census return online as Statistics Canada is urging.


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