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What has NAFTA and Free Trade got Canada?
When you think about it, it's a dismal list:


  • Softwood lumber duties. American contempt for the trade dispute mechanism. Mass layoffs of Canadian softwood lumber workers.
  • Two-year ban on Canadian beef imports into USA, crippling our beef ranchers.
  • Plant closings, often after receiving millions of Canadian tax dollar subsidies.
  • Loss of higher-paying manufacturing jobs
  • Fortress North America. A climate of fear
  • Low-paying, part-time retail./service sector jobs
  • Cutbacks to Canadian food and drug inspections
  • "Harmonization" to US, not Canadian standards
  • Erosion of our civil liberties
  • Canadian social programs, which help define Canada, under attack
  • Unrestricted takeovers of Candian businesses--even the Hudson's Bay Co. What will be next?
  • Forced export of our Canadian oil and gas to the United States, while our heating costs and transportation costs soar.
  • Loss of personal privacy. Credit card personal data sent to USA.
  • Loss of respect for Canada in the world community. Canada seen as a US client state.
  • Loss of a truly independent Canadian military and foreign policy

AND NOW THE FINAL INDIGNITY: Our own Census of Canada contracted out in part to a subsidiary of US weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin. Once the (bad) decision is made to contract out the Census, the Free Trade agreement forces the Canadian Government to accept bids from US and US-owned companies. In trying to save a few dollars by outsourcing part of the Census, Statistics Canada has facilitated the disgraceful spectacle of a US-owned Lockheed Martin subsidiary being involved with the Canada Census. Will Canadian elections be next?

But fortunately, ordinary Canadians can do something about it, through minimum cooperation with the Census. If we all do a little, the Census will feel it a lot.

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