03 May 2021. Here we go again. 2021 census material being sent to households. We again encourage you to demand a paper census questionnaire and NOT do the census online.

11 March 2018. Through Access to Information, CBC has learned of multiple losses by Stats Canada of completed census forms. Some left on subway cars, some mailed to wrong addresses, etc. Read more

15 March 2017. More serious allegations surface about the hacking of Statistics Canada supposedly-secure servers. Of course, StatsCan says no harm done. Read more

09 May 2016. A couple of our viewers have dealt with pushy Census workers at the door, by informing them that any further appearances on their property will be considered trespassing.

07 May 2016. If you decide to answer online (we don't recommend this), a viewer advises us that if you do not wish to answer a specific question, you can skip to the next question by pressing "next" SEVERAL TIMES

03 April 2016. Chief Statistician Wayne Smith states that 1 in 4, not 1 in 5 households will receive the mandatory long-form census this year. Thanks for nothing, Wayne.

05 November 2015 Government of Canada reinstates a mandatory long-form census for May 2016.

September 2015 We continue to get reports of Statscan pressures to answer the ongoing Labour Force Survey. read more

17 July 2014 A self-employed Powell River B.C. yoga instructor, 37, found guilty; received conditional discharge, 25 hours of community service required. read more

22 Jan 2014 79-year old woman convicted. Sentenced to 50 hours of community service

09 October 2013 89-year-old peace activist found NOT GUILTY of refusing census. read more

Sept 2013 Stanley Cup riot hero charged for refusing to fill out 2011 census; welcomes opportunity to "wake people up" to their threatened privacy rights. read more

Sept 2013. We learn that a 89 year old peace activist goes to trial soon for refusing to fill out Census. read more

July 2012 and continuing. We are getting reports that StatsCan is telling recipients of a Labour Force Survey that participation is compulsory! read more

04 July 2011. According to media reports, Statistics Canada issued erroneous Gross Domestic Product numbers for several provinces. Computer problems are blamed.
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30 June 2011. We are getting reports of census reps' repeated pressuring citizens to answer the National Household Survey, despite it being completely voluntary.
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June 2011. We have received information from census workers about problems within Statistics Canada.
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3 June 2011. Yet another major data theft, from the SONY customer database. It CAN happen to the Census, despite StatsCan's assurances.
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2 June 2011. More sensitive govt. data stolen by hackers! Previously denied by govt. How can we trust the Census?
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27 May 2011. Reuters News reports that HACKERS HAVE BROKEN IN TO LOCKHEED MARTIN!!! So much for assurances of security.
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3 May 2011. Census forms are arriving in the mail, or in rural areas, possibly by personal delivery. You can tell the Census Rep to leave the form with you. There's no need to complete it on the spot.

5 April 2011. Huge data breach in US--Air Miles, Hilton Hotels, Best Buy etc. Despite soothing assurances, no electronic data is safe.

28 March 2011. An ironic juxtaposition has arisen. Canadians will start receiving their Lockheed Martin-tainted Canada Census forms on election day!

March 2011. A strong anti-census movement is active in the UK, where Lockheed Martin has similarly been contracted for the British Census.

Feb 2011. In a Globe and Mail interview, the Chief Statistician admitted: "we had 94-per-cent response rate in 2006. That means 6 per cent of the population didn’t respond. That’s 2 million people." So a huge number of Canadians refused to answer the census at all--and were not prosecuted.

17 Feb 2011
There has been a massive, major breach of data security within several Canadian Government Departments. So all the soothing Census secrecy assurances of Statistics Canada are not acceptable to us. With good reason.

8 Feb 2011
We have learned that if Canadians opt for completing the short-form census online (rather than by mail-in), and they also have been selected for a long-form National Household Survey (NHS), they will be asked to continue online immediately and complete the NHS. Just another reason NOT to complete the census online

28 Jan 2011
Sandra Finley has filed an appeal of her conviction of refusing to answer the intrusive 2006 long-form census. We wish her well.

26 Jan 2011
Contributions to help cover Sandra Finley's extensive legal costs can be sent to:
Sandra Finley
656 Saskatchewan Cres. E.
Saskatoon, SK
S7N 0L1

20 Jan 2011
Sandra Finley has been given an absolute discharge, one week after being found guilty of refusing to fill in the long-form census in 2006

19 Jan 2011
We have just uploaded the revamped CountMeOut.ca website. Any comments on our new design are welcome, letting us know what browser you are using.

18 Jan. 2011
Wayne Smith has been appointed the new Chief Statistician of Canada

13 Jan. 2011
A Canadian Citizen who refused to answer the intrusive long-form 2006 Census is convicted by a judge in Saskatoon

July 2010
The Government of Canada has announced that the census long form will no longer be mandatory.  But...
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12 Feb. 2007
CBC News Reports the 2006 Census is really screwed up. Overdue and over budget. Rife with internal turmoil.

October 2006
So much for Statistics Canada's ironclad assurances of personal data security.
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15 June 2006
We have reports that Census Reps are demanding to personally receive your census form.

04 May 2006
StatsCan refused one viewer a large-print form, and insisted on completing the census on the phone. This is contrary to the StatsCan website.

08 April 2006
We are still howling with laughter after receiving the Top Ten list from aptly-named Devious D.
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02 April 2006
Statistics Canada plans to blow $13 MILLON of our money just in Census advertising and promotion!

02 March 2006
An American says imagine the uproar if the US Census were ever contracted out to a Canadian company!