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The Top Ten List

We want to share with you this submission that recently came in. It had us rolling in the aisles!


Top 10 Canadian Census Form submission ideas and methods:

10 Submit your census in a Jar of clear jelly with a label: Merry Christmas Lockheed Martin. I suggest a bow on the jar for good measure

9 Cut your filled form into Jigsaw puzzle pieces and submit the pieces (even by separate, serial numbered envelopes)

8 Take a picture or scan the filled form, reverse the negative/image and print (easy to do on computer image software with some other added digital effects) or Use incredibly tiny writing or fonts

7 Write your information on Styrofoam Popcorn (the packing stuff) and send

6 Use Pasta or other food products to fill the form

5 Put the form into a set of Russian Doll like boxes, ultimately to the size of a Sofa Box

4 To submit electronically as per their wishes, write a web link on the form which links to a website, which links to another website, which links to another website.....etc......etc....etc......which finally states that the information is printed/pasted on the inside of the original envelope submitted.

3 Send your information on audio tape or CD with a lot of padded information about your personal interests, hopes and dreams and the daily life of your dog

2 Fill the form out in Klingon and send along with the Klingon dictionary

And the number one suggestion..

1 ..feed the form to your cow and send your cow.


Our thanks go to Devious D (how aptly named) for the above list. Thank goodness that even when fighting a serious issue, we can still enjoy the occasional laugh.

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