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So much for Statistics Canada's assurances of absolute data security.

October 2006

Statistics Canada assured Canadians that personal information in their care was totally, absulutely secure. StatsCan pooh-poohed concerns about security which and others were expressing.

Now we find out that sensitive, personal Census-related data turned up in a filing cabinet which was sold off at an Edmonton auction sale.

The filing cabinet contained personal records of dozens of Census workers--names, addresses, Social Insurance Numbers, wages.

If Statistics Canada cannot ensure the security of the personal information of their own employees, how can their absolute assurances of security of our personal census information carry any credibility whatsoever?

As one census worker, Melissa Mouat, was quoted as saying: "I think it's kind of a pathetic irony that I spent my entire summer reassuring (census respondents) that, no, you can give me this information , it will be safe with me -- and then they go off and sell mine,"

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