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So, you have decided to come aboard and practise minimum cooperation with the upcoming May 2021 Canada Census. Great!

And you have decided to Take Action by making some noise and rattling cages--of the Prime Minister, of Opposition Leader Erin O'Toole, and others. Super great!

There is one final component to the success of the CountMeOut project. That is spreading the word about the project to others, and asking them in turn to do likewise. This multiplier effect can be incredible.

Use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, text messaging, and other blogs to the fullest extent. Raise the issue. Engage others. Post your zany census minimum cooperation video masterpiece on Youtube. Post a link to our website on your Facebook page. The social network is the new fantastic way to create and maintain a buzz on an issue. And let us know what you are doing, so we can tell others.

Do you have an e-mail list? Send an E-mail message to all your contacts tellling them briefly about the Census contracting out the software and hardware to arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin (Canada). Mention, and our campaign of minimum cooperation with the May 2021 Canada Census. If you or your organization run a website, add a link to

Write a few letters-to-the-editor of your local newspapers, including the smaller local weeklies. Express your opinion about the outrageous situation of our tax dollars being spent by the Census on software from weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin (Canada), and mention

ARE YOU THE EDITOR OF YOUR ASSOCIATION'S NEWSLETTER? Why not include a short article about in your next edition? To make your job easy click below for a 240-word article that you can cut-and-paste into your newsletter. If you need a shorter version, paragraph two can be omitted, for a word count of 175.

Click here for a sample newsletter article

If you are a member of a group, tell your newsletter editor about

In summary, CountMeOut does not have anywhere near the promotion budget that the Census has. But if each one of us writes a few letters, raises the matter with friends and local organizations, and utilizes Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, we can neutralize the StatsCan P.R. goliath.

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