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Website Opposes May 2016 Canada Census

It’s hard to believe. A significant part of the Canada Census has been outsourced by Statistics Canada. That is bad. And with the Free Trade Agreement, the contract was awarded in 2006 to a US subsidiary. That is worse. And the particular subsidiary is in fact a subsidiary of the colossal US armaments manufacturer Lockheed Martin. That is simply outrageous!

This raises several disturbing issues, including loss of Canadian sovereignty, loss of Canadian jobs, and personal privacy. The privacy assurances by Statistics Canada are far from convincing. Many unanswered questions remain. The only way to have full confidence in the privacy of the census is not to contract out any part of it, including the census software component. And even without the privacy factor, the contracting out to a subsidiary of US weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin is, in itself, totally unacceptable.

In response to the outsourcing of the Census, an advocacy website, has been established. The website is filled with practical suggestions for "minimum cooperation" with the Census. Suggestions range from not filing census information online as StatsCan urges, to not filing online, to writing answers upside-down.

The May 2016 Canada Census again presents all Canadians with an easy, yet extremely effective way to protest the sellout of Canadian sovereignty through Free Trade; and the erosion of personal privacy and civil liberties.

Let's use that opportunity.

Visit for further information. And spread the word.

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