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Sharing Information and Exeriences

We feel that one of the main reasons that Queen's and its students continue to get away with unacceptable behaviour and lawlessness, is the lack of shared information and shared experiences. We encounter some aggravation, some incident, some attitude which upsets us, but we feel that there is little we can do as individuals.

Perhaps we do get motivated enough to write a letter to Queen's. We may receive a patronizing reply from Queen's which offers long-term generalities but little short-term action.  We feel isolated and ignored.

That is why the Save Our Neighbourhood Action Group was established in 2008.

If we share our frustrations, our experiences, and our past dealings with Queen's or the AMS, we can network into a powerful force to change things. A powerful force to which will clearly demonstrate, through action rather than unproductive talk, that the status quo is simply not acceptable.

We wish it were not necessary to post this website. But after waiting several years, we have concluded that discussion alone is not going to effect sufficient positive change. Working together we can be much more effective than working alone as individuals. We are non-commercial and charge no membership fee.

We welcome your comments and experiences. While we may post your comments or refer to your comments on our website, we will not mention the commenter's name, address, e-mail, or phone, nor share that personal information with third parties, without your OK.


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