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A note about privacy.

The names posted on this site are public information, taken from public court dockets. This is similar to newspaper reports of names of persons convicted of offences, which are published simultaneously in a newspaper and on the newspaper's website.

Except for viewer feedback (see next paragraph), we obtain, retain or disclose only personal information found on public court documents, as permitted by law. We attend and observe court hearings in Kingston. In the context of transparency, the public interest, and the perception of fairness in the justice system, we report information as contained in the public court records. Photographs of persons are what any pedestrian on public sidewalks or public property could observe.

We welcome viewer feedback and experiences. While we may post some of your feedback on this website, we will not disclose the feedback provider's name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc without consent.

Comments can be sent to the above contact.

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