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Queen's Ignores Key Coroner's Report Recommendation

The long-awaited Coroner's Report on the deaths of two Queen's students was released in May 2011. This followed the tragic deaths of two Queen's students. One student fell from the sixth floor of Victoria Hall residence, and the other fell through a skylight on the roof of Duncan McArthur Hall.

The Coroner concluded that alcohol was a factor in both deaths.

A key recommendation in the Coroner's report was that alcohol issues should NOT be governed by peer groups--i.e. the AMS and the SGPS. The Coroner urged Queen's to take back responsibility for non-academic discipline in matters regarding alcohol and safety.

Almost immediately, the student AMS started a lobbying campaign to retain control of non-academic discipline, contrary to the Coroner's recommendation.

Queen's response? In September 2012, Queen's Principal Daniel Woolf signed an agreement with the student AMS. That agreement explicitly allows the AMS to retain responsibility for non-academic discipline regarding alcohol violations, in direct contravention of the Coroner's recommendation. We feel that Principal Woolf's actions show utter contempt for the permanent residents living near Queen's, as well as contempt for the Coroner. We are confounded to see Queen's as the ONLY university in Canada to abdicate its responsibility for non-academic discipline, especially in view of the Coroner's recommendation to the contrary.

To see Principal Woolf dipsy-doodle around this decision, watch this Sept 2012 video. Woolf's key comment, tucked amongst all the bafflegab is this: "We have no interest at all in changing the spirit and substance of the [NAD] system"

We are appalled and disgusted with Queen's refusal to implement a key recommendation of the Coroner's report. We regretfully cannot see a return to good town-gown relations until the University adopts ALL the Coroner's recommendations.

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