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A Message For Queen's Alumni/Alumnae

Dear Queen's Alumnus/Alumna

Thank you for visiting this website.

We realize that this website does not provide particularly pleasant viewing. But we feel that it is essential that Queen's Alumni fully see and appreciate what has happened in Kingston in the past 10 years or so.

We need your help. We have no problem, as you probably have no problem, with young people having fun and enjoying their youthful years. But just as you would not want this youthful fun to degrade your quality of life in your neighbourhood, we feel that we deserve the same qualilty of life in our community that you expect in yours.

We live in a society under the rule of law, and where we draw the line is when young people's fun extends to breaking the laws--particularly alcohol laws.

We believe that most Queen's Alumni are at first surprised, then shocked, and then disappointed to see what is happening to their great university. Alumni hold considerable influence. We ask you to help us, and ultimately to help your university, by expressing your disapproval to what is currently happening in Kingston.

Please share your disappointment with Queen's, and ask them to take decisive action. The Queen's Senate must immediately take back from the AMS responsibiltiy for non-academic discipline, and must begin to enforce the Queen's Student Code of Conduct. That code requires students to obey all liquor laws. And the University must impose sanctions on students who violate the Code of Conduct. Otherwise, why have a Code of Conduct at all?

Please also share our website address with other Queen's grads, particularly those alumni who do not live in Kingston. They need to see this website.

We thank you for your understanding and assistance, and hope that better times lie ahead



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