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The unofficial Homecoming 2011 showed another modest improvement, with smaller crowds on Aberdeen and nearby streets. Many persons were intoxicated or publicly consuming alcohol, in flagrant violation of the liquor laws. While being an improvement, the conditions in the area were still of a nature that the families of those paricipating would, we believe, find unacceptable in their neighbourhoods in their home town.

We recognize that the lawbreaking Queen's students represent only a small proportion of the entire student body. Unfortunately, a few lawbreakers may give the entire student population a bad name and also damage the unversity's reputation. And harm town-gown relations.

The Coroner's report into the tragic deaths last year of two Queen's students recommended, among other things, that the peer justice system used by Queen's be taken back by the university from the students for matters involving alcohol and safety. We strongly agree, and are disappointed that the AMS student government is resisting the university adopting the Coroner's recommendation.

The lists on the following pages contain names and date-of-birth of  persons found guilty of liquor law violations during the unofficial Homecoming weekend and the Orientation period in September 2011. This information is public information, taken from the Ontario Court of Justice dockets. The date-of-birth and middle initials (where provided on the court docket) can assist in uniquely identifying the persons convicted. Some names on these lists are obviously not Queen's students.

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