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"Have fun, but only if it is not illegal and
does not infringe on the rights of others"
--- Kingston Police brochure

Persons convicted of: LIQUOR IN ILLEGAL PLACE
  Court Docket Date of Birth Date of Offence Name  
  9148721B-00 6Sep93 17Mar13 Bandula, Tanya E. Tanya E. Bandula
  9150708B-00 20Mar92 17Mar13 Barbeau, Sean D. Sean D. Barbeau
  1164633B-00 13Jul87 17Mar13 Dadiala, Preetam S. Preetam S. Dadiala
  1164636B-00 26Nov92 17Mar13 Davey, Bradley A. Bradley A. Davey
  9148512B-00 24Aug91 17Mar13 Downey, Kyle J. Kyle J. Downey
  1169213B-00 15Dec92 17Mar13 Garcia, Cecelia Cecelia Garcia
  1169108B-00 19Dec89 17Mar13 Handyside, Matthew J. Matthew J. Handyside
  9148722B-00 24Jul92 17Mar13 Jaglowitz, Matthew E. Matthew E. Jaglowitz
  9150366B-00 16Nov90 17Mar13 Kuehn, Daniel N. Daniel N. Kuehn
  1169161B-00 2Apr92 17Mar13 Lemieux, Cardinal A. Cardinal A. Lemieux
  1173704B-00 12Jun93 17Mar13 Liam, Michael S. Michael S. Liam
  1164556B-00 13Feb92 17Mar13 Loeppky, Hanna C. Hanna C. Loeppky
  1169207B-00 18May90 17Mar13 Mallet, Pier A. Pier A. Mallet
  1169160B-00 20Oct93 17Mar13 Pelletier, Zachary R. Zachary R. Pelletier
  9149554B-00 8Jul89 17Mar13 Raczycki, Ivan C. Ivan C. Raczycki
  1166437B-00 26Sep91 17Mar13 Russell, Jeffrey G. Jeffrey G. Russell
  1169205B-00 16May94 17Mar13 Stone, Emma M. Emma M. Stone
  1166434B-00 21Jul91 17Mar13 Switzer, Brandon J. Brandon J. Switzer

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