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St. Patricks Day parties in our neighbourhood involving excessive drinking are numerous, and, unfortunately very noisy and messy. People party and drink on front lawns, leaving litter and broken glass behind. We would suggest as a compromise that parties be held in back yards or indoors, rather than out on front lawns and city sidewalks. Alternatively, the party could be moved to nearby university fields. Surely it is possible to enjoy St. Patricks Day in such a manner as the families of these partiers would find acceptable in their own neighbourhood in their home towns.

We are disheartened and dismayed that, just as the Homecoming situation is improving, St. Patrick's Day is emerging as new disruptive and lawbreaking event in our neighbourhood.

Regretfully, we just cannot see how student-community relations can proceed on an improved basis when this sort of thougtless behaviour is exhibited in the neighbourhood--behaviour that the families of those students would not find acceptable in their neighbourhoods in their home towns.

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