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Just when the Homecoming situation was showing improvement, we are dismayed to witness a downward spiral around St. Patricks Day. The street disturbances on Aberdeen Street on the afternoon of March 17 2013 bore a striking similarity to the early Homecomings of 2003-2004.

The street was blocked by noisy crowds. Alcohol was consumed on the street, sidewalk, and front lawns. A loud band blared amplified music from a porch balcony.

And what did our Kingston police do? They stood around and watched! Spectators to lawbreaking. They let the street remain blocked for six hours! And from the student leadership? We have heard nothing but silence from the AMS student leadership. To us, that is not leadership.

The aftermath was a scene littered with plastic beers cups, broken glass, and trash. It looked to us a bit like a World War I battlefield wasteland, and certainly not like a welcoming neighbourhood. Even after much of the trash was picked up the next day, the lawns remained a muddy, trampled mess. Not something you would want in your home neighbourhood.

At a time when relations between the community and Queen's students were improving, this is a major setback. We see alcohol laws, noise bylaws, street bylaws, and Queen's own Code of Student Conduct continuing to be ignored with impunity. As you look at these photos, please consider whether you would appreciate this sort of behaviour in your family's neighbouhood.

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