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St. Patricks Day 2018 - Outrageous

We are truly outraged by the lawlessness around Queen's, and, sadly, by the pathetic, timid, response of our Kingston Police.

Police were nowhere to be seen in the midst of the crowds. They clumped together at both ends of the street, chatting idly, instead of issuing tickets for the flagrant disregard of liquor laws.

Police even had the nerve to suggest that it was too dangerous for officer safety for them disperse into the crowds and issue violation tickets. Might get hit by a bottle? Why, then, were front-line officers sent out wearing toques and ball caps, instead of protective headgear? At best, stupidity; at worst, negligence.

What sort of deterrent is making lawbreakers empty their bottle, without a ticket being issued? Is it too much work for police to write up a ticket?

But our police are masters of self-congratulation. A police tweet enthused about what a great job the police did in re-opening Aberdeen street at 4:30pm, without answering the question of why they had to close the street for hours in the first place.

The Kingston Police brass should be called out. No more excuses. They are frittering away public support and confidence, bit by bit, year after year, Homecoming by Homecoming.

The following photos, with caption comments added, were taken on Aberdeen St. See for yourself why we are outraged.

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