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Students Deserve Equal Treatment

We were disappointed that in April 2013, Kingston City Council while conducting a regular review of district electoral boundaries within Kingston, excluded post-secondary students from the population data used to establish district boundaries.

Students remain entitled to vote in municipal elections, but that is a separate issue from the electoral district boundaries.

We expect students to obey the laws of the land, inclulding liquor and noise laws, just like everyone else. And we also expect that students should be counted equally, just like everyone else, in determining the electoral boundaries of the city.

UPDATE: November 2013--The Ontario Municipal Board has upheld the joint appeal by the AMS, SGPS, Sydenham, Williamsville, Portsmouth, and McBurney Park District Associations. The Board has quashed the new electoral boundaries adopted by City Council and reinstated (with a few very minor changes) the existing district boundaries.


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