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We Welcome Support From All Over Kingston and from Queen's Alumni

This issue extends far beyond the neighbourhood immediately surrounding Queen's University. It is a Kingston-wide issue. Beyond Kingston it is an issue that reaches all Queen's alumni concerned about the reputation of a great university.

Even before launching this webite, we were hearing citizens from Bayridge, from Pittsburgh, from Kingscourt, expressing in various forms their disappointment with the attitude of entitlement that many (but not all) Queen's students display. We heard concerns about the hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars being wasted on policing of Queen's Homecoming street parties, and more.

We sense that there is a deep, simmering concern throughout our city. We sense that many citizens from all over Kingston feel enough is enough. They feel that now it is time for action. For starters, Queen's University must enforce its Student Code of Conduct regarding illegal consumption and sale of alcohol--somethying that from what we can see, Queen's has substantially failed to do.

SONAG seeks and welcomes support from all over Kingston. In addition, we welcome support from Queen's Alumni everywhere who are concerned about what is happening to the reputation of their University. Working together, we are going to press actively for change. The status quo is simply not acceptable. Talk to you friends and associates, and give them our website address, or send them a link to this website. Spread the word, and let us know about it.


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