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Save Our Neighbourhood Action Group (SONAG) is a group of Kingston, Ontario residents, mostly living near Queen's University, who are fed up with the unacceptable behaviour of many Queen's students. We believe that, regretfully, discussion and dialogue over many years have been unsuccessful in attaining a liveable neighbourhood. We cannot wait any longer, as our neighbourhood deteriorates.

As our name suggests, SONAG will be more action-oriented. We will cooperate with the other ward organization, but will follow our own parallel path. We expect that many residents of Sydenham Ward will support both groups. In addition, SONAG welcomes the support of residents from all parts of Kingston who object to the sense of entitlement displayed by many Queen's students; and who object to the additional tax burden created by the huge costs of policing the annual lawlessness on Aberdeen Street, and controlling noisy house parties and keggers.

We are not website experts, and lack the resources to hire professional website creators. Hence, this site is simple in structure. But we believe that our website's content, rather than its format, is the important thing.

SONAG charges no membership fees. We are non-commercial


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