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The Following Song - Like a Pyramid is in my playlist Enjoy!


The Buds are Doing Really Well Starting off The Gate!!!!!!

Please Help Find These Missing Children By Clicking on the Banner Below.

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Congratulations Go Out To Canada's - Sell This House's Tanya Memme, And Singer Carrie Underwood For Their Engagement

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Hockey News.
The NHL 2012 Stanley Cup Has Been Won By Los Angeles Kings

Celebrity News.
Concert News...
Madonna is Comming Back to T.O On October 18th 2008 at the ACC (Air Canada Centre) When Tickets become available I will post the Details on my Website & Message Board.

Madonna is giving her daughter a $10,000.00/Month allowance,and has a Credit Card
with a Limit of $30,000.00 at age 12....hmm go figure.

Women Doing Curls In Weights = I Must I Must Increase My Bust
A Wise Man:Once Said Do Something for your approval not someone else's. (Gil Grisom) on C.S.I.
Please Note: I need Posters for my Message Board, to Register is FREE and it only takes a Second I'm getting very Tired of talking to myself. I have Posted over 140 messages and No body has even said good job bad job..etc. I need your feedback...topics etc, Thankyou.

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ahh...Winter is in the air,

Click on the above Banner to watch the Live Web Telecast or tune in your TV in Durham Region on Sundays. or Click here >>> The Computermechanics
Note: Are you Looking to Patch your NHL2005 Game to run without the CDCheck to Download the Patch Click here >NHL2005 Patch

This Patch Works I'm Using it right now. Just Read the Instructions at this Website. If any problems arise please email me, so I can help.

New Added today Dec 12th is a game Link to play Click on TOC Button and then click on Joke Of the Day Link, then scroll up to where it says want to play some games, sorry there is a bug in the code. it will be fixed asap. Thankyou.

Football News.
Note:I need your help in tracking down a Theme Song, from a Paid or Free Website. The Song is"Who I Am" by Jessica Andrews,from the TV Show Sue Thomas F.B.I on Saturday Nights on CTV at 7:00pm.

New Link Added to the Memorials Page, Click on the Link to View All Thumbs at one time. New Added today...Adult Thumbs, in my Adult check it out.

Do you want free games...Click here Free Games

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Do you have Tickets? or Looking to buy Tickets? for Concerts or upcomming Events Click here TicketMaster

Do you have the Latest Direct X Drivers if not Click here...DirectX9.0

Canadian's Voted with over 3 million Votes..and it came down to 2 Kalin Porter from Medicine Hat Alberta, and Theresa Sokyrka.

The Newest Canadian Idol is Kalin Porter This 18 years old has Worked very hard, as well as everyone involved in the Show, behine the Scene's etc. My Hat's go off to all of the performers, I wish everyone my Best..and keep singing, and get your songs On Cd's and in the Stores, Kalin's Cd is in the stores in October, Please Support Canadian Artists by buying their CD's like Kalin and Ryan Malcom, and Gary Beals.

Kalin's CD in Stores Now.

I Purchased NHL2005 Yesterday Boxing Day at Wal-Mart in Canada for $19.83, The Box was marked at $39.83 and another box was marked $49.83, anyways the bottom line is so far to's worth the 19 dollars and change. I'm in my 2nd game. Won the first the only thing I don't like right the fact you cannot lock the players. Check my MB in the Room for more info, and tips. to see screen shots Click here >Screen Shots
At The Movies

1. 2.
Bill Gates of Microsoft has stepped down from CEO Chairman of Microsoft last week, and Microsoft is pulling support for Windows XP. Bill Has a Net Worth of 58.0 Billion to read more click on the link below.

Bill Gates

Bill Spent Get This $2.5 Million Dollars Recently On New Office Furniture, Just Imagne

To Learn More Click on The Link
>>>Click here<<<

Pope John Paul the 2nd Has Passed Away Peacefully in his Apartment...Many Roman Catholics are standing & praying for his soul outside his apartment.he was 84 and will be sadly missed by millions & millions of people around the globe. even by non catholics are sending there prayers. He was a great prayers go with him.

Bill Gates earned a estimated 42 Billion Dollars Last Year, So I guess It Costs 43 Billions Dollars for a Good Hair Cut.

On a Sad Note:

Patrick Swayze Passed Away of Cancer at the age of 57 he will be sadly missed.

Farrah Fawcett & Michael Jackson has passed away recently they will be sadly missed. Canadian Musician: Jeff Healey passed away on March 3rd 2008 in a Toronto Hospital he was 41 and suffered a long battle with Cancer,Jeff was also known to appear in movies, like Roadhouse Starring Patrick Swayze.

Peter Benchley the Writer of JAWS has passed away this past Weekend he was 65. Christopher Penn Actor of Brother Sean Penn Passed away in his LA Condo on Tuesday January 24th 2006 of natural causes he was 40 years old. and he starred in Footloose with Kevin Beacon.

Phillis Gretsky The Mother of Hockey Star Wayne Gretsky Passed away December 20th From Lung Cancer she was 64 she was Servived by her Husband and 5 kids. Broadcaster Peter Jennings dies at 67

James Doohan, 'Star Trek's' Scotty, dead at the age 85

John Denver killed in plane crash he was 53,Singer/Songwriter

George Burns: 'Fall in love with what you do ... It works' dead at the age 100

Jerry Orbach passed away at the age of 69 of prostrat cancer, he was best known for his role on Law & Order as Lenny Brisco, he was also in Murder She Wrote Playing a PI with Jessica Fletcher(Angela Lansbury.) and in the movies Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swazye he played the Doctor. He will be sadly missed by everyone that knew him.

Doug Ault,Played and Hit the First Home Run for the Toronto Blue Jays in 1977 I can Still Picture that Great Hit. was found Dead a Couple of Days Ago. He will be sadly missed by everyone that knew him.

Pierre Burton, A True Canadian has passed away today at the age 84.

Actor Christopher Reeves...Superman Slipped into a Comma and Passed away on Sunday he was 52

Actor Rodney Dangerfield Passed away today at the Age 82 due to Surgery Complications

Actress Janet Leigh The Mother of Jamie Lee Curtis..and Wife of Tony Curtis.Passed away at the age of 77 from a blood Disorder, she was best known for the shower scene in psycho.

Singer Laura Branigan Passed Away Last Week of a Brain Hemridge..She was 47 years Old. to learn more click here.Laura B.

My Advice

Please Note: Beware of Auto Dialers they can run your phone bill sky high..these virus like scripts will take over your modem and call out Long Distance Numbers, so if your Virus scanner does not scan for dialers you should look into getting one that does. Due to the Enormous amount of Viruses I've had Lately from Trojens to Dialers I found Panda a virus free package this time. anyways i'm testing it. and according to the docs it will detect dialers, which is good news.

Missing a Little Girl in Regina,She was in her bed at night and found missing in the morning, there is no evidence at the moment that she was upducted. more details to follow when it comes in.

Tv News

Please Note: If you Find any other Listing for CSI That Don't Appear below Please Email me, So I Can add them to the listing...Thankyou.
TJ Hooker is back on A&E starring William Shattner & the Great Looking Heather Locklear.

C.S.I. is on Spike TV Daily Monday - Friday from 7-9pm.& 10pm on Fridays
C.S.I. Miami is on A&E Sunday nights at 11:00pm & Monday at 10:00pm on CTV.
C.S.I. is on Friday's & Saturday's at 12:00am on Channel 9 Cable 8,
C.S.I. Newyork is on Wednesday's at 10:00pm on Channel 9 Cable 8.
C.S.I. Useally Miami,But Sometime just CSI is on ShowCase at 12:00am Daily

Gossip News

Eric's Disc Lexzia (I probably spelled it Wrong, but here are songs that sound like other Words... Example Bon Jovi It's My Life at the beginning it sounds like he says HE FARTED, but he actually says HE PARTED.Anyways you can download the song below at my mp3 link and listen for yourself.

Celine Sings Sounds Like Hot Dogs,but is Heart Does Go On. Download & Listen.

It's My Life - Bon Jovi
My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion Titanic Soundtrack

Looking to find out what day of the week a perticular date is on try my Calendar Search at the bottom of this page....Click on TOC Today's Date & Counter Link to get there faster.

My Deepest Condolances goes out to my Friend David and his Family who recently lost his father.

VIRUS WARNING...DONOT DOWNLOAD PANDA ANTIVIRUS FROM IT CONTAINS A VIRUS. This is very rare you find a Virus Within a program from Downloads. never the less DONOT Download and run this.

This Week on AT40 American's Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest on ChumFM 104.5 Music is Evanescence at 17 with - My Immortal to Download this Song, Click on the mp3 Link below...Thankyou.
Looking to Rent..Click the link Renters News

NOTE: For All Of You Who Use Incredimail Like I Do, I Found a Program That Will Backup And Restore Your Email..In The Event Of a Computer Crash..Please see my MB for details the Following Link will be posted in the Shareware & Freeware Section of my Message Board. This Program Does Work, I've Tested It.

Looking to make 1 to 1 copies of your favourite Game or music cd's Copyrighted or Not then Click here Alcohol120 (A Must Have to make Backup running Copies of your CD's. This Software copies in RAW mode and has atleast 90% Successful Copy, Example Alcohol will copy NHL2003 & 2004 with no problems where Clone Cd Does not. If you want to make copies I highly Recommend Alcohol 120% Software not booze. hehehehe I just thought I would throw that in.

Looking to make 1 to 1 copies of your favourite Game or music cd's Copyrighted or Not then Click here Clone Cd This Software copies in RAW mode and has atleast 90% Successful Copy.

PLEASE NOTE: The Author of the Sasser Worm Virus has been Arested, Police Seized his Computer Containing the Source Code with the Virus. Please see my MB for More Details.


Rachel,Ross,Joey,Chanlear,Monica,Phoebe. If anyone has Video Taped this Last Show Thursday May 6th/04 Please email me at the Following.

I Slept and woke up at 10:00pm...and with no cable,so it will be a challenge to view video tapes...anyways if you have one. let me know thanks. Eric

Looking for Free Mp3's and Full Album Downloads, Please see my MB for Details,or Click Here. Free Mp3 Songs & Albums If you Find any Other Free Sites for Mp3's I want to know thanks.

I Found another free site for mp3's Click Here.Free Mp3's and Album Downloads

This site you can even download ringtones for your cell phone,and much more.So check it out and let me know what you think of it. via email or my message board.

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Need a Mortgage Try ING Direct

Okay Everyone I'm beginning to think I or My Computer has BO or George Constandza would say on Sienfield that's not BO That's beyond BO that's BBO. To Leave a message in my Message Board is not Hard it's vary simple. It Takes a alot of time and effort into doing updates and putting time into running a website or message board, before this I ran a BBS and Had 500 users, long before there was an internet, and it was succesfull, until certain curcumstances and the Internet came alive Then I lost my Members, anyways for people stopping by and leaving without signing my guestbook of visting my mb (Message Board really Hurts) if you don't like what you see by all means let me know so I can fix it. Thankyou.

Me...Again I need your Counter is up to 277 Hits I need more, Help me make this site Rock thanks....Eric.

Do you like Easy listening music or Rock music click these links. Chumfm104.5 chumfm,Q107 Toronto Rocks, If there's a radio station not listed please by all means let me know thanks.


Sting With Marilyn Dennis From CityLine& ChumFm104.5 On The Dial.

*Classic Rock Q107

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ATTENION: you might think this site sucks, but like Fred Dryer said It Works for me. if you aren't awhare of Fred Dryer is was on the TV Show, and was a PRO Football Player HUNTER, a Police show in Los Angles with DEE DEE MACALL She was the cute bruntette, Freds partner. If I got his name wrong that's only because I haven't seen cable in a long time.

For everyone that actually use's my voting poll I thankyou

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Okay everyone I currently have 15,453 email messages,from 8/6 to 12/20 I wish everyone in the states would realize the .CA MEANS CANADA this drives me nuts,when I get email in reagards to an american credit card company or companies offering to give me a $1000.00 or more limit when I live in Canada? Give me your options on how to stop this Via my message board!

Deleted Message Count Today: 11/20/04 is 100
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For all of you who wish to get into skating weather it's figure skating or hockey skating please give them a call at  Phone: 905.831.1271 or fax:  905.420.8421
to access the Pro's Website,Click on the Photo or scroll down the table of contents and click Learn to skate with the pro's to learn more.... CLICK HERE thankyou.

Hockey Night In Canada

My NHL2008 Season, The Last Game was Played on May 9th,2010 with Toronto Maple Leafs against Pittsburg Penguins, Toronto Won 8-3 Being from Toronto My Team is the Leafs. This is the 11th Game of the 82 Regular Season Games...

To See More Stats,Click on the Button on the Left hand side of the Screen that says My Stats or check my message board for details.

PLEASE NOTE: The Author and or Webmaster of this Webpage needs your help to find some work in the Toronto,Markham,Scarborough, Vaughan,Concord,Richmond Hill, Areas perferiably Full Time, but is willing to work part time. this is due to the cost of living in the Toronto Area and my income is not great enough to cover my expenses.

Should anyone hear of some openings I would kindly appreciate some feedback Thankyou. My Resume is Online for Downloading to obtain the password you will have to email me and I will make it available to you. Thankyou

My Resume

Table Of Contents

*My Favourite Photo's

*2010 Winter Olympics

*Websites I Visit

*Food For Thought



*Contact Information

*Current Projects

*Files & Downloads

*Full Downloads

*Personal Interests

*Virus Information

*Hockey Night In Canada

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*CD Repair Solutions (Adobe Reader Required)

You must Download adobe Reader first before Clicking this Link!!!

This product has a Successful fix rate of 98% percent of all cd's dvd,game cd's cd'r,cdrw's etc...even playstation and xbox...this product is sold in Canada at Zellers for $ 27.00 Dollars and change. I have not tried it soon as I can Afford too. I will, if by any chance you purchase this before I do..please share your options with me..via email or my message board, This product is powered with a AC Adapter so you don't have to do this by hand, I have used another product which was costly and not really effective, the product I purchased was at Staples Depot and you had to wind a wheel by hand to fix the cd..and they didn't even carry the replacement pads. I should have clued in...never buy a product if they do not have the replacements on hand.

*CD Repair Solutions (More Info)

No Special Reader Required above for the more info,if you should purchase this product,please by all means leave a message in my message board so I can obtain some feedback about this product..Thankyou.

My Work Information

*K-Line Insulators

The High Voltage Specialist Worldwide. Serving Hydro Companies With Parts and Supplies for over 25 years.

Address:50 Passmore Avenue,Scarborough,Ont.
Telephone No:416-292-2008
Click here to Send Email

Job Title

Machine Shop Worker

Key responsibilities

Cleaning Up Keepers & K-Clamps,& Tie Tops using a Hand Grinder Tool & a Belt Grinding Machine.

Department or workgroup

Machine Shop


Adult Pics & Video's

HTML-Kit Button

2010 Winter Olympics

Websites I Visit


Canadian Shunt Industries (I used to Work There)

Looking to increase your Computer memory & to make your programs & system run better, smoother...look no further just click on the Banner above to download the 30 day Trial I have been running this program for years.

Food For Thought

Shareware,Freeware etc.









Contact Information

E-mail address

Web address

Do you need a new Dial-Up or High Speed Connection try Primus Canada at 416-955-4350


Current Projects

*Trying to get out of Debt

*Job Searching Via The Internet

*Designing My Webpage



Files & Downloads

Webshots Is Now Online and is a must have if you would like to have a different Desktop screen Everyday or Week or Month Which Ever you Choose.After Downloading it Please Let me know what you think of it via My message Board or Email me ..Thankyou I Hope Everyone Enjoys Webshots it's Worth the Download.

PLEASE NOTE:The Following Links are to Websites for Downloading the Following Files, if you find any broken or missing Links please email me, by clicking on the link above and I will make the following adjustments Thankyou.

Dvd Shrink 3.2(Make Backup Copies of Your DVD Movies)
Dvd Shrink will compress your avg 7.4 gig movie down to 4.3 to fit on a single dvd,The reason being if you cannot copy a 7.4 Dvd to a 4.7 Dvd without being DL (Dual Layer) you cannot make a backup of the Movie, and that's one reason, the other is RCE Protection, found on 98% of DVD Movies, Which is a ring in the center of your DVD,This software bypasses this protection. allowing you to make a BACKUP COPY and run it from the backup to save the original DVD from useage. PLEASE DONOT USE THIS SOFTWARE TO DISTRIBUTE..IT'S ONLY PURPOSE IS FOR PRIVATE USE ONLY. Thankyou.

TuneBite(Removes DRM Protection)

NoClone(Find Duplicates on your system)

Snag-it(Screen Capture Program)

Ashampoo PowerupXP Platinum(Trial Download)

PcBugDoctor(Free Download)Fix Errors in your Registery.

Registery Mechanic 5.0(Trial Download)

PopUp Stopper Free Addition (Free Download & Updates)

Avast Anti-Virus Software (Free Downloads & Updates)

Incredimail XE(Build 1710)


Active Webcam

Google Toolbar

Your Toolbar & Popup Stopper

Skin Factory for Avant Browser

Avant Browser(10.1 build 30)


An Alternative to MSOffice this software is Free and has an Editor,Spreadsheet, photo Album etc.


Full Downloads

Full Software Downloads

Personal Interests

*Computer Hardware & Software

*Drawing Pictures

*Programming & Spending time with friends.


Virus Information

Personal Free Virus Scanner

Free AVG Virus Scanner A Must Have

Free Online Virus scan

Free Online Scan

My Message Forums

Welcome to my New Message forums, this is where you can chat with everyone regarding just about everything from computers to software, if you need help this is the place to come. Just 1 thing to remember keep it Clean Thankyou No vulguar Remarks and rude jesters to any of my members thankyou and Happy Posting.

Admin: Eric Click Here to Have some fun.

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