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NOTICE: eMileage Environmental Inc. can no longer source Enginer PHEV systems.


Save $200 off the regular price of $799!
SCH evCHARGER LCS-25 Level-2 208/240V EVSE: This amazingly small but powerful indoor/outdoor (NEMA-4 rated) unit for home or office, can fully recharge a Chevy Volt in 3.3hrs! Works with all J1772 Level-2 capable plug-in vehicles.

Also see evCharger All-in-One System Promo!! Note: evChargers eligible for 50% Ontario rebate.
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Latest Developments:

Plug-in Hybrid Upgrades:

Plug-in Hybrid Upgrades have proven to be an effective, quick and affordable way for owners of hybrids to significantly reduce their carbon footprint, fuel consumption and transportation costs. For many years this has been one of the few options available for efficient electric driving. eMileage has done its part by offering these products and services to consumers in an effort to help bring about a long overdue change.
Mission accomplished!

Automakers are now offering many more efficient plug-in capable vehicles. There is also an increasing number of fully Electric Vehicles (EVs) available from OEMs. While the option of converting existing hybrids into Plug-in Hybrids is still very attractive, eMileage will now focus on accelerating the adoption of the latest Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles that are finally available!

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Efficient Hybrid and Electric Vehicles!