Please feel free to visit the following links for more information about hybrid vehicles, plug-in technology, EVs and charging.

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Reports/Articles Links:

o Electric Vehicle Technology Roadmap Canada
& Executive Summary (Electric Mobility Canada)
o Unlocking the Electric Mobility Potential of Toronto: Moving Toward an Electric Mobility Master Plan for the City (Pollution Probe)
o Towards an Ontario Action Plan for Plug-In Electric Vehicles (Plug 'n Drive Ontario)
o eTV's green WHEELS Newsletter (Transport Canada - ecoTechnology for Vehicles)
o EMC Newsletter (Electric Mobility Canada)

Wikipedia Reference Links:

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Charging Station Wiki
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Wiki
Electric Vehicle Wiki & Battery Electric Vehicle Wiki
Electric Vehicle Conversion

Other Reference Links:

SunCountryHighway Electric Vehicle Finder
EV-Info Global EV Info
Plug'N Drive Ontario
Electric Vehicle Society Canada
Golden Horseshoe EVA
Toronto Hybrid Group
Toronto Electric Vehicle Association
Electric Vehicle Association Chapters - Promoting the uptake of electric vehicles in Canada

Other Useful Links:

EV World - The World of Sustainable Electric Vehicles
My Electricfly! - Electric Vehicles and Conversions Available to Buy
eMileage PHEV Prius - Plug In YOUR Hybrid!

Blogs / Groups / Other:

eMileage Facebook Photo Albums - you will find a variety of photos related to EVs and PHEV, including detailed PHEVsystem pics, and photos from various events.
Enginer Presentation - slideshow presentation about the Enginer PHEV conversion.
Prius Chat PHEV Modifications - you will find a list of discussions in the Prius PHEV Plug-In Modifications forums at the PriusChat Forums.
Toronto Hybrid Group - Objectives include educating the public and members on the benefits of hybrid technology.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Conversion and Charging