eMILEAGE Solutions

Our solutions to the environmental impact of transportation are comprised of several key elements. Implemented together, they provide a holistic effective solution to pollution.

Efficient Solutions:

Performance Monitoring: With a ScanGaugeII 3-in-1 Automotive Computer you can monitor your vehicles performance in real-time which allows you to adjust your driving to maximize efficiency. It is also an effective trip computer with daily, tank and trip totals, as well as a digital Scan Tool which allows you to view and reset codes without haviving to visit your dealer's service department. ScanGaugeII™ is an effective tool for getting the most out of your PHEV.

Monitor Energy: Monitor your whole home and appliance energy consumption using a BlueLine Innovations PowerCost Monitor™. The wireless bundle allows you to monitor your power consumption in real time. You can also log trends over time using online services and Smartphone apps like PlotWatt™ or People Power™.

evCharging: EVs and PHEVs sometimes need to recharge on the road. We provide the industry's most reliable and powerful level-2 charging stations. Become a evCharger host and attract new customers to your business. Find out more.
Chevy Volt & evCharger

PHEV Conversions: An advanced Lithium Ion based power system is installed into the rear storage compartment of the Toyota Prius and other hybrid vehicles. This system converts what is already a leader in fuel efficiency, into a Plug-In Hybrid, capable of extremely high MPGs and extended electric-only range (depends on vehicle model). The system is simple to operate and is recharged from a standard power source using a standard heavy duty extension cord. If you would prefer a new plug-in capable vehicle, there are several options available now from Ford, GM, Toyota, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan and of course Tesla! Call to discuss Enginer's PHEV conversion or contact Enginer.us. Photo Gallery

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