General Interest Chess Links

Chess Federation of Canada
The Homepage of our Canadian federation. An excellent site with ratings, tournament listings, club listings, and news from around Canada. A must see site for every Canadian player.

Chess Talk
This is a great site where you can voice your opinion, or read others'. You will find you visit it daily to see what everyone else has to say about Canadian Chess.

The Week In Chess
A great site covering all the latest in the world of chess. Updated daily. In my opinion, the best news site on the net!

Chess Cafe
Interesting site with regular columns by Dan Heisman, Hans Ree and others. Makes a good read.

Top software chess programs, online database and world wide chess coverage.
Great online chess playing site with various levels of chess instruction.

The World chess body--an excellent site with ratings, tournament listings from the international chess scene.

Chess Publishing
Opening chess theory provided by GM's and IM's updated frequently paid subscription.

Quick Links

Canadian Chess Federation

Chess Cafe--News & Information

The Week in Chess--Information and games download

International Chess Federation

Chessbase--News and games

Chess server/general information