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Who Are The Kindly Ones?

The Kindly Ones are rocking audiences wherever they go with sweet melodies framing shocking, poetic lyrics, fueled by raging guitars, thundering bass & drums. Formed in March of 2002, Dominic von Riedemann (vocals/guitar), and Sarah Ternoway (bass/vocals) create a tsunami of sound greater than just three people. The Kindly Ones have been compared to Hüsker Dü, Interpol, and Social Distortion, but they blaze a trail all their own.
The Kindly Ones seduce you even as they cut you. It is this blend of sweet and sinister that keeps audiences coming back for more.

Sarah Ternoway (bass/vocals)

"Thou hast made the Furies cry, Orpheus. They will never forgive you for that." (Neil Gaiman)

Dominic von Riedemann (vocals/guitar)

"Though unto hell he flee, so too are we!" (Aeschylus)


"Most dreadful are its divinities, most feared. Daughters of darkness and mysterious earth." (Sophocles)

Former Members

Jamie Tanner

Former drummer, he recorded and mixed Edge of My Skin. He is currently recording other people's CDs and manning the skins for Signe Miranda's Veranda.

Jeff Kahl

Former drummer, he played on Find an Open Door: Volume1. He is currently playing drums with Spookyhorse, guitar with The Middle Eight, and contemplating what to do with his life.