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Dominic von Riedemann (vocals/guitar)

"It is said that when he was born, the angels screamed."

"Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself." - Walt Whitman

"The church is near but the road is icy. The tavern is far, but I will walk carefully." - Ukrainian proverb

you are Joe Strummer!
Joe Strummer... you've been through the cleansing
fire of punk, only to pick up a few venerial
diseases along the way. You're more of an
optimist when it comes to fucked-up genius.
But you can write wicked-deadly riffs and lycs.

Which fucked-up genius composer are you?
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Some songs n' CD's Dominic's Played On

Aaron Bentley- "Alligator Song", "Bring on the Rain", "Fishmonger Song"(forthcoming)

Laura Fernandez (with Sarah)- "Other Side", "My Baby Loves Me", "Run", "August", "These Days (Carnival)", (Other Side)

J.P. Greco- "Unseen Truth" (forthcoming)

Signe Miranda's Veranda- Solar Eclipse

Swiss Chalet commercial: "Elevator"

Desert Island Discs (in no particular order): Hüsker Dü, Zen Arcade; Soundgarden, Superunknown; The Beatles, Revolver; Tori Amos, Little Earthquakes; Bob Marley, Songs of Freedom box set; Velvet Underground, Velvet Underground & Nico; The Ramones: Ramonesmania.

Gear: Gibson Les Paul Studio (with Seymour Duncan pickups: Seth Lover/ JB), Danelectro electric 12-string (AKA "Casper"), Marshall JCM2000 DSL, Hartke 2X10" bass cabinet, Korg AX1000G multi-effects unit, E-bow.

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