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Friends & Credits

Below are some people who have intersected our lives in weird and wonderful ways. Check them out. Support them. Love them. Squeeze them. Call them George.

Aaron Bentley plays acoustic guitar and sings. Sometimes he plays flute, piano and ukelele. Dominic played guitar on his CD. One day you might be able to hear it.

This web site would not have been made without the invaluable help of Nathan Caswell. Sarah sang back-up on the song "Pierre Trudeau" on his CD Einstein's Brain. Check it out. Sorry, girls, he's married.

David Cornel's site recently underwent a hideous alteration (got taken over by some porn merchants), so we're not linking to it anymore. However, he's still a great guy and an awesome comedian. And yes, he IS happily married.

Laura Fernandez is a great pianist and songwriter. Dominic and Sarah also play guitar and bass in her band. Laura (along with Rick Jacobson) also designed our logo. Laura recorded her CD The Other Side. She's a real sweetheart. Anyone who disagrees is automatically a jerk.

Flickershow is two excellent singer/songwriters: Julian Sark and Eli McIlveen. They have a great CD out, Stars for Searchlights. Give it a listen.

Sarah also plays bass with The Friendless Youngsters. They like Fender Telecasters and songs about hockey.

JP Greco is a talented chamber-pop songwriter with a Jeff Buckley-esque voice. Dominic played guitar on "Unseen Truth."

Spookyhorse is a Sloan-y noise-pop band. We've played a few shows with them. Drummer Jeff Kahl used to be with the Kindly Ones.

Rich Lowenberg is an acoustic performer and former member of Half Full. Very edgy, very passionate songs. Check out his CD, Point A. No truth to the rumour that he sticks bunches of bananas in his trousers prior to photo sessions. However, he does admit to having extremely small nipples.

Mor designed the Edge of My Skin CD cover. She's also a talented singer/songwriter.

Concrete City Records recording artist Signe Miranda's Veranda. Think Lisa Germano meets Sonic Youth. Rumour has it Signe sees stars in her eyelid skies. Dominic played lead guitar on her CD Solar Eclipse. Dominic has also played guitar on five songs for her upcoming CD. We don't want to comment on her nipples.

Matthew "Animal" Pearson plays with far too many people to list here. He played a couple of shows with us, and he also plays drums with Laura Fernandez.

Jeff Stone We occasionally desecrate his songs. His three CDs are done! (and there was much rejoicing). A good friend who writes great tunes. We've heard a nasty rumour that he's updated his web site. Check it out.

Kevin Stock is a great singer with some cool tunes (when he's not playing other people's stuff). One day he will record a CD. We're told it will be soon. Dominic and Sarah occasionally play guitar and bass in his band.

Theresa's Sound World is a local TO band. Kick yourself if you don't get the reference. Frontman Dov Tiefenbach produced and engineered our upcoming CD.

Uncle Seth is a groovy five-piece band. Imagine Dave Matthews meets Blues Traveler fronted by Natalie Merchant. We've played several shows with them. Their current CD is called Forgive and Forget: Volume One.

Victor Wooten is Sarah's friend and mentor. Some people think he's a bass god. We think he's just a really cool guy.

Sites We Like

The Gothic-O-Matic Poetry Generator

Bereft of ghoulish inspiration? Look no further.

Scene & Heard

Both Sarah and Dominic have written for this online magazine, and Sarah helped with their web design for a while. Check it out.

Something Positive

A hilarious webcomic.

Neil Gaiman

If you have to ask . . .

Main photo by Mike Habicher.