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Welcome to The Kindly

Come on in, browse our photos, listen to music, download free stuff and read miscellaneous rants. Let us know if you want to order our CD, 'Edge of My Skin' (at the low price of $7). We also have limited copies of my old band's CD, which has recorded versions of Kindly Ones' songs like 'Kimberly', 'Final Phone Call' and 'Lighter than Air' (also selling at $7). We're always uploading cool stuff, so come back to our site often. Enjoy.


Upcoming Shows

- We're currently getting our upcoming CD, "Find an Open Door" ready. The CD is mixed and mastered, the artwork is almost done (muchas gracias Eli of Flickershow), so stay tuned for CD release news.

- Right now, Sarah & I are part of the Loons Jam house band (along with Kevin Stock and Laura Fernandez), every Friday night at Loons (416 Roncesvailles). Come on down, bring your instrument of choice, and hoist a brew (or two). We'll be making random noises and generally having a good time.

- Also, Sarah & I will be part of the Laura Fernandez Band, playing December 21st @ The Drake Hotel. Other details TBA.

Other Kindly Ones' News


The Kindly Ones on "Freak" and "Sweetest Freak" have finished their respective runs on Garageband. Check both songs out on


The Kindly Ones are now on Nowhere Radio! Check out "The Sweetest Freak" and the new-and-improved "Immune". Both tracks will be on our upcoming CD, titled "Find an Open Door".

Request Us!!!

The Kindly Ones are in rotation at CKHC 90.7 FM (Humber College Radio). To request The Kindly Ones (either Noonweh, Over You or Shoggoth's; that's all they have), please e-mail them at Listen to Bandwagon, their indie music show Monday nights at 10 p.m.