group pic


Here are some live and "studio" shots. Click on the thumbnails to see the larger version.

The CD release photos are by Rich Lowenberg. The black & white photos are by Ryan Szulc. The HSF photos are by Jen Green.





Left: Dominic in flames/ Right: Sarah & Dominic rocking out at our CD release.




The Kindly Ones tearing through 'Hamsters' (Johnny Westgate on backing vocals).




Left: The photo that became the 'Edge of My Skin' CD cover/ Right: Dominic, Sarah & Jamie in the boneyard




Left: Dominic's guitar about to combust/ Right: Sarah, warrior princess of the low end.






Left: Group shot in the graveyard/ Right: Jamie "Fat Bastard" Tanner on drums.





The Kindly Ones flying their 'Freak' flag high at Caps Pub at Humber College on April 11, 2003. Spot the Neil Gaiman reference.





Left: Sarah finds a note she likes.