Russell Barth is a writer, artist, animator, activist, public speaker, spoken-word artist, antitheist, and (occasional) comedian living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He holds a Health Canada permit to use MARIJUANA for medical purposes because he lives with PTSD and Fibromyalgia, and is best known for his public activism work on behalf of medical marijuana users, and on behalf of Educators For Sensible Drug Policy, with whom he currently does not affiliate, officially.

His days are spent writing, making art, and serving as a 24/7 caregiver to his wife Christine Lowe, an artist and author who lives with epilepsy, PTSD, and Chronic Pain.

Using cannabis medically since 2002, he has managed to overcome his sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, erectile dysfunction, and various addictions to pharmaceuticals, alcohol, video games, and junk food.

In 2003, he co-authored and co-illustrated the world's first children's book about medical marijuana, called Mommy's Funny Medicine.

In 2004 he ran against John Baird in the Federal Election and got 430 votes.

In 2006, he and his wife gave the first public marijuana-cooking demonstration to ever be held in Ottawa.

In 2007 - much to the surprise of doctors, friends, and family - he got out of the mechanical wheelchair to which he was tethered for 5.5 years, and returned to the comedy stage.

In 2013, he and his wife launched their new Web Series; The Sneaky-Toker's Guide To Ottawa.

He is (arguably) the most-published letter writer in Canadian history, and is certainly the most-published anti-prohibition letter-writer in Canada, and fourth most-published anti-prohibition letter-writer in the world.

He has had articles published in magazines (Cannabis Health, Cannabis Culture), and on line - What Teens Need To Know About Marijuana (From An Adult Who Uses Ten Grams A Day) - has been called upon by the media to talk on TV, the radio, podcasts, and in print, countless times.
He has also engaged in two Ontario Human Rights Complaints against the Ontario Government, the second of which also involves OC Transpo and the City Of Ottawa, but which was since dropped.

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