The Human Rights Issues
The First One:

In May of 2008 I was standing out side a comedy club in Ottawa - having just performed - and was about to light up a joint. I was asked by one of the staff who was outside at the time to please not light up, as it would get the club in trouble. I didn't, and went home.
Shortly after, I realized that the Ontario Liquor Act forbids me from holding and using my legally- prescribed, federally-licensed marijuana on the property of many establishments.

So I filed an Ontario Human Rights Complaint against the Ontario Government for failing to regulate the medical use of marijuana, and for failing to protect my medical rights. I demanded no money, but instead explained that the only way to settle this would be to change legislation and force the government to acknowledge and regulate the medical production, distribution, and use of medical marijuana.

On Sept. 19, 2011, this ruling was given by the HUMAN RIGHTS TRIBUNAL OF ONTARIO on the Ivancicevic case. In a nutshell:
Disallowing MMAR-holders to hold their medicine is discriminatory, disallowing us from using it on patios and stuff, meh, not so much.
This ruling effectively ends my case as well. So that is over.

The Gord Hunter Affair

Then, in August of 2008, I was rudely asked to "move along" by a tobacco smoker of not-insignificant girth, and she even gave me one of those brush-off hand gestures people do to kids who sit on their car.
I emailed my ward Councilor, Gord Hunter. I suppose he managed to get his dick back into his pants long enough to send me this ugly, and, I suspect - drunken - email on a Friday evening (spelling is his mess, not mine): "Tough luck on you that feel you had you human rights violated. Tough luck on the taxpayers of Ontario that you feel this is a serious matter, If every person smoking a cigarette were to file a human rights complaint every time they were asked to move because their smoke was bothering them where would we be. Your case seems no different. So you have somehow got a right to smoke marijuana for what seem to be conditions that are not uncommon in the world and others chose to just adapt and get on with their lives. Bully for you that you can legally smoke dope. I do not feel that gives you the right to shove it in anyone else's face. When you find the need I feel you should take yourself off and toke up privately.
If it is sympathy you are looking for you won't find it here. Grow up and get on with your life and quit taking up taxpayers dollars and time with your frivolity.
Gord Hunter"

Gord Hunter is what I would call a "world class" asshole. He sent this email through the City Hall web service, with his Blackberry, by the way.

Here is some video.

Then he defended his actions in the press numerous times.... As if pissing all over a disabled man is somehow defensible. I was then subjected to a lot of abuse at the hands of internet trolls who feel I should suffer.

The worst part is, the scumbag podunk shithead of a mayor that we had at the time would not issue an apology or even discuss the issue with me.

Diane Deans and Alex Cullen offered an apology, which Hunter later used his power to retract.

So I plan to bring this up again soon with the new administration, and demand a written apology.

The Bully Bus Driver

January 20, 2011. I stood on the off-load platform at Billing Bridge. That is the first platform to the left as you come out of the tube from the mall food court. people step off the bus, but never load-on there.
I often saw drivers and civilians smoking tobacco on, or just beside the platform. Usually, civilians just smoke on the platforms because they know they won't get fined. I figured I would stand just off the platform where the drivers usually smoke, and have a joint.
Well, some fat bald driver gets off the bus, refers jokingly to my medicine as "shit", and then precedes to harangue me and make fun of my pot use, mentioning addiction and brain damage.
I lost my temper and called him some names that would make Joan Rivers blush.
Then I tried to get an apology from OC Transpo. I got fluffed, bluffed, and run-around-ed.
So I filed a Human Rights Complaint against the driver, OC Transpo, the City Of Ottawa, and the Province of Ontario.
From the first three I want nothing more than written apologies acknowledging me Charter-protected right to smoke pot in public. From the Province, I am demanding $10,000,000 (that's right.... million) in damages, and past - and future - hassle expenses.

Months later, I realized this would be a lot of stress and work and hassle, and would likely accomplish nothing. So I let it drop.