About Russell

I live with a collection of symptoms, ostensibly from Fibromyalgia and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The symptoms manifest in many different ways. The baseline - meaning the best I feel at any given time - is a dull but ubiquitous ache. Stiff, tight muscles, sore joints, and a general feeling of malaise. Like how a normal person would feel the day a flu starts to come on. Much like a hangover. That's when it is at its best.

Added to that is an ongoing array of intermittent muscle spasms in just about every muscle on my body, coupled with sudden and debilitating nausea attacks which come on 4-6 times a day. These spasms are terribly painful and often drop me. I was injured a number of times in my life, and now suffer shocks and spasms down my arms on a regular basis.

Then there is the stress. I have suffered a number of emotional and physical traumas over the years, and live with a woman who has violent epileptic seizures about twice a month. As a medical marijuana license holder, I also live with a lot of stress as I worry about being busted, detained, incarcerated, or imprisoned long-term, for the simple "crime" of trying to cope with my symptoms. Unlike rapists and robbers, medical marijuana users do NOT get to use their medicine in jail.

n 2002, Christine and I decided to become public activists. Much like gay-rights activists of the early 1970's, medical marijuana activists today are routinely subjected to public insults and humiliations that no one else would be expected to tolerate. That is not to say that our plight is worse than others, just that gays and religious believers and people of color would never tolerate the kind of things we get on a regular basis. Any news article about me - or one I comment on, if it has a comments forum - usually fills up quick with hateful comments aimed at me. Some of which are even actionable, as they reduce my ability to get housing, work, and services, and also disparages my reputation with inaccurate accusations about my medical condition and intentions.

Then there's my sinuses. No other thing in my life has bothered me more. Pain and spasms and nausea and fatigue combined, do not measure up to the misery my nose has provided me over my life. This problem has forged me into the impatient and brusque person I am today. I use the sinues as the proof of the non-existence of God. No sentient being would design a ventilation system this nonsensical. It can only have come about through trial and error.

So I have a painful medical condition, I have to work 24/7 as a caregiver, I am an enemy of the police, the government, the churches, and much of the public... I have had disgusting lies told about me and will again, and I spend agreat deal of time dealing with a runny or stuffed-up nose.

So if you are wondering why I am brusque, that might be why.

Russell Barth, Sept. 23, 2011
A Biography
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(Some of the dates might not be exactly right, especially when I had accidents and surgeries.)

August 1968 - Deliberate attempts by my parents to make a child result in pregnancy - something I would never forgive them for.

August 1968 - May 1969 - Resided in my mother's uterus, consuming food and tobacco.

8:30pm, May 23rd, 1969
- During the course of a huge thunderstorm that ended a week of unseasonably hot weather, I was born 13 days late in the Lakeshore General Hospital in Point-Claire, a suburb in Montreal's West Island.
Six pounds, eight ounces. My left ear was folded over and the top of it was attached to my temple. They cut and taped it, and it is normal now. My hair was orange.

1969 - 1979 - Snowmobile with sled behind offers many opportunities for serious injury. Luckily, nothing but bumps and bruises result. Lots of second-hand tobacco smoke to breathe in the house, though - Yum!

1974-5 - A death in the family and subsequent turmoil contributes to (what would become) my permanent state of nervous agitation. My older sister noticed then, and commented years later, that I was "different" from then on, and more difficult.

September 1974 - Age 5. Start Kindergarten. Academic career and social life both begin an immediately and unrecoverable tailspin.

Some time in Grade Three
- I was home sick with a bit of a cold. My mom gets a call from the school, asking if I was alright. She said "Yeah.. mild fever, runny nose. He'll be fine. Why?" Apparently a rumor had been started that I had been hit by a truck. My sister got home and we asked her what was going on. Surprised, she said that the only thing she could think of was that one of my bus-mates had inquired as to my whereabouts, and she had snarkily said "He got hit by a truck!". "As if to say; 'well where do you think he is? He is at home. Leave me alone!" she explained. When I went back to school the next day, almost all of the kids teased me and made fun and expressed disappointment at my survival/lack of serious injury.

Another time in Grade Three - This kid Colin wouldn't give me my pencil (just for fun), and we struggled. He let go and I stabbed the pencil into my right thigh, leaving the graphite tip embedded in my leg. You can still see the grey mark to this day.

Yet Another time in Grade Three - Roughousing at school results in me getting my two front baby teeth knocked out by a Kodiak boot. My adult teeth came in a bit early, so in the photos of me for the next few years, I have huge front teeth.

Summer 1977 or '78 - First 80 cc dirt bike acquired, by surprise gift. Many sprains to ankles and wrists result. What an outrageously dangerous unsupervised passtime for a 9 year old, but that sort of thing was the norm at the time.

Sometime around 1979-80 - Working in the garage with my father, I take a shock of 220v off of an arc welder that throws me about ten feet.

1970 - 1985 - Lived halfway between Hudson and Rigaud in Quebec - a township called "Choisy", on the shores of the Lake Of Two Mountains just west of Montreal. The Shire, basically.... I ate enormous amounts of fish out of that lake over my first 15 years. As it turned out, this might have been a very bad idea, as we later heard that the lake was heavily contaminated with PCB's and other toxic treats at the time.

Winter 1979 or 80 or something - Stupid me, took my helmet off at an outdoor rink and took a puck to the upper left side of my mouth. Needed three stitches in my lip. Lucky I didn't fall and hit my head.

Summer 1980
- Age 11, witnessed an aggravated assault/attempted murder.

Summer 1982 - Age 13, I take a bad spill on my dirt bike and cracked my right clavicle. Shoulder has bothered me ever since.

1981-1985 - Attend Hudson High School, much to the chagrin of everyone involved. Barely-passing grades and constant disruptions in class give me the reputation among peers and faculty as an unamagable but intelligent kid who "can't seem to apply himself". Few kids were less popular than me. None, possibly, though I did have some friends, and they were good people.

Summer 1983 - Bad spill on dirt bike causes serious damage to right foot. Took the boot off and it swelled up purple and green for days. Couldn't get the foot back into the boot for weeks. No cast.

Summer 1984 - Start taking Acutane to combat outrageous acne. Quit when school started again in September. It sure got rid of a lot of the acne, but who knows what else it did to me... Try hashish for first time. Acquire first SLR, which was a gift. A Bell & Howell/Canon that was circa 1960-64.

1983-85 - Hobby raising chickens for eggs (and later, meat) and rabbits for meat. Did the slaughtering myself. Continue photography as finances allow.

October 1985 - Parents move to VanKleek Hill Ontario, and I had no choice but to follow. Started attending VanKleek Hill Collegiate Institute, but dropped out one year later to work and finish classes from home. I am still 1/2 - 2 credits short of a high school diploma, I think.

Spring `86 -
Learn black and white film developing and printing basics from high school science teacher.

Last week of August, 1986 - Take a one week trip to Paris, France with my older sister. (Photos on flickr 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)With my father being an Air Canada employee, we kids had passes and could fly almost anywhere for next-to-nothing. One day she phones me up and says "Want to go to Paris?" It was an ordeal. I had just turned 17 that May

1988 - Participate in The May Show in VanKleek Hill for the first time. Well, "participate" is a loaded word, as I was part of a group show that was not officially affiliated with The May Show. I did this a few more times over the years, making as many enemies as friends in the process. I showed primarily photos, but laters shows had some cartoons in them as well. Was featured in an article in The Review one year.

Summer 1988 or 89 (?) - Surgery to correct deviated septum by removing cartilage from inside nose. I was pumping Dristan nasal spray into my nose about every half hour as allergies to feathers and hay and pollen nearly drove me mad.
1988-1990, 1991-1993 - Worked as darkroom tech for The Reviewin VanKleek Hill. Exposed to darkroom chemicals (specifically sulphur dioxide) on an ongoing basis. Had the occasional photo published in the paper, was sometimes sent on assignment.

Summer 1989 - Impacted wisdom tooth surgery results in my head swelling to the size of a medicine ball and horrible bruising down past my nipples.

Summer 1989 or maybe 1990 - Brush with death as my father and I were forced to land in a Cesna 150 in a completely unknown (to us) clover field in Grenville, Quebec. The landing was smooth enough, but the chances of a fiery death were quite real. Never felt comfortable flying after that, and I used to be very comfortable with it.

Winter 1989-90 - Not-too-fast car accident causes hyperextension of cervical spine. Pain begins to creep in, and not just in my neck.

August 1990-May 1991 - Moved to Toronto, lived there 9 months, and had a terrible time. Legal, financial, and family problems combined with alcohol abuse and poor diet resulted in a ruined relationship, a divided family, damaged health, and a stalled career.

May 1991 - Return to VanKleek Hill and The Review, and also embark on new relationship.
Did the editorial cartoon for over a year as well. Discover by accident that I am lactose intolerant. Continue eating cheese, much to the chagrin of anyone within 100 feet. Pain mounting steeply.

Xmas 1991 - Another brush with death as intestinal flu of some kind causes me to drop from 155 to 141 pounds in just 72 hrs. 1.5 litres of IV bring me back from the brink. "Another six hours," the ER doctor told me, "and you wouldn'a made it."

Summer 1992 - Get ahold of some demerol from someone's old Rx, and discover what true pain-relief is all about. Problem is, I built up a tolerance very quickly, and also nearly OD'd a few times. Nodded off at work. Ran out of them quickly, as I only had about 30 tablets.

Summer 1993 - Move to Kingston Ontario and start attending St. Lawrence College Fine Arts program. First dabblings in "activism" as we tried to force the college to re-instate the Fine Arts program that they were canceling after we were to graduate. I appeared on local TV, accusing the school's president (Dan Corbett) of discrimination. There is no Fine Arts at St. Lawrence College today. Start using pot again a few times a week to combat the pain that has been gradually increasing over the years. Start seeing a chiropractor who is the first to issue full-body x-rays, and was thus the first to discover that my right leg is a half inch shorter than the other, causing a tilt in my pelvis, which caused a mild curve in both my lumbar and thoracic spines. She also confirmed that my cervical spine was, indeed, hyperextended.

Xmas 1993 - Jan. 1994 - Contract pneumonia.

October 1994
- Nervous breakdown results in 13 days of hospitalization, total destruction of a 3.5-year-long relationship, loss of friends, and me dropping out of art school in the middle of my third semester. I got A and A+ grades while I was there, and even helped teach first year students black and white darkroom, and it was all for nothing.

Halloween 1994 - I arrive in Ottawa, heavily medicated on lithium and other pharmaceuticals, depressed, alone, jobless, and financially suffering.

January-March 1995 - Attend classes at Ottawa School of Art, which gives me nothing but hassle.

April 19, 1995 - Did standup comedy for the first time at Yuk Yuk's in Ottawa. Did very well. Continued in earnest for 18 months.

Summer, 1995 - Finally start receiving Ontario Disability Support Program pension.

1996 - Work on sketch comedy with other local comedians and produce a pilot for Rogers 22 in Ottawa, called "Dizzy Squid". It first aired in February of 1997, and played in rotation ad nauseam. We also produced some "The opinions expressed....." spots for the beginning of another show that were quite funny.

Summer, 1996 or 97 - Major rain storm caused the toilets in many Ottawa homes to vomit sewage into people's houses. The house I was sharing with two other guys was one of them. Lost hundreds of dollars worth of fine-mounted and matted photo prints.

Fall 1997 - Heard the term "Fibromyalgia" for the first time. Make a concerted decision to start drinking in earnest.

1997-99 - Balloon to 220 pounds as I eat and drink and pill myself into a stupor on a nearly daily basis. Memories of this time are blurry or simply gone. I OD'd and nearly died several times (I am told), and (I am told), had a mirror shoved under my nose to see if I was still alive on at least three occasions. This was when I discovered my seemingly superhuman tolerance to drugs. By that, I mean, I was taking dangerously high doses of drugs - for weeks at a time - and mixing it with booze. I took doses that should have killed me on many, many occasions. My survival - past the years 2000 -  is nothing short of a statistical impossibility. I did produce some paintings, some photos, and some music during this period. I learned to use an 8-track recording console, learned a little bass guitar, and even wrote lyrics and contributed to arrangements on some original songs, and got to record in a real-life recording studio in Ottawa.

March 1998 (might have been 97) - A friend introduces me to Christine Lowe at Wallack's Art Store in Ottawa. I was 220 pounds and yellow from jaundice caused by acute drug and alcohol abuse.

Spring, 1998 - I fall nine feet off a ladder and get a small fracture on my right elbow. Didn't even get a cast, the break was that small. The elbow still gives me a lot of trouble.

Summer 1999 - On assignment for a magazine, I photograph Sarah McLachlan et al at Lilith Fair in Ottawa. I have no recollection of this concert, and only vague recollections of the eariler part of that day. I was completely wrecked on booze and pills, and had my knees taped up so I could stand. The pictures (1, 2) turned out great, though.

February 2001 - Move into a bachelor apartment in downtown Ottawa. Medication use now well inside the safety limits. Hardly drink at all. Start hanging around with Christine on a regular basis, as friends. She gets evicted that summer, and loses 3 jobs in four months due to seizures, so she moves in with me and applies for ODSP. She is having 2-3 seizures a week and auras almost every day. We eat crap food, and lots of it. Start using pot for pain relief (again) a few times a week. Drilling and blasting along our street that summer drives us out into the heat on a daily basis.

Late September or Early October, 2001 - A new medication combination causes Christine to flatline on me, prompting me to do my approximation of CPR. 20-30 seconds later, she came too, talking about "tunnels of light" and "seeing dead relatives". I have not had a chance, yet, to really sit down and have a good scream about that, really. The trauma is just there, and I have not had a chance to really "deal" with it.

November 31, 2001 - A back spasm puts me in bed for months, causing all of my muscles to atrophy. I collapsed in the doorway of 200 Elgin, in beteen the doors, and literally could not move my legs. Not even jiggle my feet. Eventually the clonazepam and T3's kicked in and I was able to get into a cab and get home. My walking was then reduced to about 100 feet at a time for the next five and a half years, causing me to need a wheelchair for most of my mobility. The pain I had already been living with was increased many-fold. Christine pushed me through snow and rain in a rickety hospital chair that we rented. I could barely stand.

April 2002 - We move into a two bedroom apartment and two days later we are jostled out of bed by jackhammering. 8am to 4pm, five days a week, until the last week of November, this went on, as the balconies were all re-done. Our choices were to stay home, or go out in the city and just kill time. It was a nightmare, since we only had the push chair for the first while.

May 2002 -
After a day at the Million Marijuana March, Christine decides to quit her pharmaceuticals and just use cannabis. We immediately change our diet habits and phase out our pharmaceutical use, with the tacit - if unenthusiastic - approval of our respective doctors.

June 2002 - We finally get a loaner mechanical wheelchair from the company who will be supplying my custom chair.

Summer 2002 - A full-on sleep test shows a number of serious problems, most of all, sleep apnea and almost constant restless leg syndrome. I am not a subtle case, either, as my snoring (much like that of Fred Flintstone) causes me to stop breathing for up to a minute at a time, several times every night. Basically, I was unconscious for 8 hours a day, but didn't actually "sleep", and hadn't for many years. The doctor tells me I will need medications and a machine to breathe at night. He seems a little too pleased to be telling me this, too, I thought. Online research shows that eliminating certain foods could have the same effect. I entirely quit dairy, beef, pork, salt, white bread, wheat, gluten, eggs, caffeine, sugar, and a few other things, and the apnea was gone in two weeks. Hasn't bothered me since, and I sleep very well most nights, despite ongoing - though much improved - sinus problems.

September, 2002 - We give $300 to a "friend" to buy us some pot for us, and we never heard from him again. The trauma - coupled with a total lack of pot - caused me to lose a bunch of weight in a short time. I was down to 125 lbs at one point that fall.

Xmas, 2002 - We come up with the idea and text for Mommy's Funny Medicine.

February, 2003 - First TV appearance as I do a bong hit on CJOH News - with no license, by the way - doing a story about how Ottawa needs a "Compassion Club" like they have in Montreal, BC, and Toronto.

April, 2003 - Mommy's Funny Medicine is published by Mike Foster at Crosstown Traffic. Christine gets first Medical Marijuana permit.

Summer-Fall, 2003 - We start growing pot - legally - in our apartment. Address first year law class at Carleton.

Summer 2003 - Protest on Hill, speak to reporters at length.

May 2004 - I get my first Medical Marijuana License.

Summer 2004
- Ran as an electoral candidate for the Marijuana Party, participated in a speakers panel for Breakfast @ The New RO (Now “A Channel”), and on Rogers Community 22. I was also a guest speaker on CFRA Radio’s “Last Call” during the 2004 election. Ran against John Baird, and got 430 votes.

Fall 2004 - Christine made marijuana-leaf golf balls (to make fun of Chretien's golf balls which were newsworthy at the time) and we handed them out on the street during the Health Care Meetings in Ottawa. By sheer coincidence, one of many passers-by was the wife of someone who was attending the Medical Marijuana stakeholders’ meeting that very same day. The golf balls, apparently, were a big hit over at the Medical Marijuana license office (OCMA).

Nov. 2004 - Christine designed and built the 7 foot tall mascot “BC Buddy” The Beaver who made his debut appearance at the “No To Bush” rally in fall 2004. The costume, worn at the time by Christine, was shown sharing a huge joint with Marc Emery in front of the Peace Tower in the the documentary "Escape To Canada" by filmmaker Albert Nerenberg. Nerenberg has interviewed both of us at a few different occasions on Parliament Hill.

May, 2005 - Tried to get marriage license, but found out that we couldn't do that without certain forms of ID - namely a passport, age of majority card, or a driver's license. So we ended up on the news using our Federally-issued Medical Marijuana permits as a from of Federally-issued ID, so that we could get married.

June 11, 2005 - THC Rally on Parliament Hill. I gave a scathing speech about the RCMP, and the later distribution of seeds and green siftings by certain other activists got the power shut off early.

June 12, 2005 - Christine and I get married in an informal ceremony on the shores of the Ottawa River by Remic Rapids. 80 people, many geese and ducks, and one pot plant were in attendance.

February 16, 2006 - Addressed members of Ottawa City Council and explained a functional alternative to the city’s “drug strategy”. The plan involved the city growing and selling discount marijuana in an effort to finance the giving away of free hard drugs to addicts through clinics. It was met, naturally, with astonishment and stunned silence.

April, 2006 - Prime Minister Stephen Harper was giving a speech, addressing the Canadian Professional Police Association at the Chateau Laurier which was broadcast live on CPAC. Immediately after his speech, CPAC cut to Tim Meehan, myself, and Christine Lowe, giving a press conference in the Lynch Room of the Parliament Buildings. Our speeches went out live on CPAC, uninterrupted, a broadcast that exceeded 12 minutes. We suggested - in no uncertain terms - that the government and CPPA were deliberately subsidizing organized crime, and that their new crime agenda would actually benefit gangs while impoverishing and endangering Canadians (including officers of law enforcement). We also warned that this policy would likely unleash a full-on, 1930’s-style gang war. It was as close as we could ever get to an actual public debate with the Prime Minister. Five days later, 8 Bandidos were found murdered in cars.

June 23, 2006 - I appear on CJOH News, commenting on prohibition and demonstrating how to make a cup of sesame oil/marijuana tea.

June 24, 2006 - Christine and I demonstrate techniques for making marijuana-infused tea, and marijuana butter, in front of a crowd and reporters at the Ravenswing Craft and Zine fair. That was also in the Ottawa Sun.

September, 2006 - I appear on CJOH News to discuss Tory cuts to Medical Marijuana research funding.

Jan, 2007 - Christine and I upload a video of her having a seizure. The original was yanked after 3 and a half years because someone complained about the marijuana references. It got 750-1000 hits a day for 3.5 years, well over 1.2 million in total. But this one remains. They are both among the most-watched epileptic seizure videos in the world, and it is, arguably, the most graphic footage available to date. It has been used in schools, hospitals, prison infirmaries, and was featured on the Emmy-winning medical-chat show The Doctors. We have been told more than once that our video helped save someone's life.

March, 2007 - I stopped using his mechanical wheelchair, which I'd been tethered to for the better part of 5.5 years.

April, 2007 - In a YouTube “interview” sketch to promote the Million Marijuana March, and during the March itself, I portrayed Jesus of Nazareth as a pot smoker.

Autumn, 2007 - I return to the stand up comedy stages of Yuk Yuks and Absolute Comedy in Ottawa, after a 12 year break due to illness.

May 7, 2008 - When asked not to smoke cannabis outside a comedy club in Ottawa, I launch an Ontario Human Rights Complaint against the Ontario Government for failing to accommodate my medical needs.

May - June, 2008 - I appeared on the cover of Ottawa's Metro newspaper, CBC News (web), Talk Ottawa on Rogers Community TV, and in the Ottawa Citizen, in regards to the Human Rights complaint.

August 2, 2008 – Got an insulting email from Ottawa Deputy Mayor, Gord Hunter after asking him for some time to discuss the human rights issue. Appear in Ottawa Sun, Aug 5, 2008, where Hunter insults me further.

2008-2010 – Appear on TV (CHCH Live), and on the radio various times to discuss pot legalization issues. Tore into Ezra Levant, Rob Nicholson, and others.

Summer 2010 - Doctor sends me for a breathing test. I had not had any mkeds in over 12 hrs, I had a kink in my neck, and my chest was tight froma sor back and neck. Also, it was August, so the air was thick and hard to breathe. I did the test, and expected bad results because I could not suck or blaw anywhere near as hard as I normally can. The test came back "normal".

January 2011 - An OC Transpo bus driver harangues me for my pot use near the Billings Bridge bus platform. Emails back and forth with OC Transpo over the following months results in stalemate. Their position is that the driver had the right to ask me not to smoke there.

June 2011 - Launch Ontario Human Rights Complaint against driver, OC Transpo, The City Of Ottawa, and the Province of Ontario. Asking $10 million in damages. On the way to mail the Human Rights Complaint, I am approached by a kid at a bus stop and asked for pot.

July 2011 - Discussions with vice principal of local high school about drug-related bullying at the hands of his students.

August 2011 - Draw line in the sand with Ottawa City Hall about proposed smoking ban in parks.

August 28, 2011 - Dress up as Jesus for Ottawa's Pride Parade, 2011.

Summer 2011 - Launch this website.

Sept. 10, 2011 - Produce and upload this video: Stephen Harper Explains His Jail Plan.

Sept. 17, 2011 - Perform at Ottawa's Mercury Lounge for the first time, debut "Someplace Else".

Sept. 19, 2011 - This ruling was given by the HUMAN RIGHTS TRIBUNAL OF ONTARIO on the Ivancicevic case. In a nutshell: Disallowing MMAR-holders to hold their medicine is discriminatory, disallowing us from using it on patios and stuff, meh, not so much. This ruling effectively ends my case as well. So that is over.

Sept. 20, 2011 - Produce and upload this video: Stephen Harper Explains His Love Of Death

Oct. 24, 2011 - Produce and upload this video Stephen Harper Explains Bullying.

Nov. 23, 2011 - Produce three hour radio show for CKCU with DJ tic.

Dec. 7, 2011 - Issue this apology.

Dec. 10, 2011 - Upload this video of Marc Emery on Parliament Hill.

Dec. 12, 2011 - Upload this video, concerning St. Pius X school and Human Rights.

Dec. 2011 - Uploaded these videos: Puns, Living With An Epileptic, On Recovery, and others.

Jan. 2012 - Uploaded Tough Guy Smoker On The OC TRanspo Platform (death threat later) Jan. 11 2012, and others.

Feb. 2012 - Uploaded: RE: Smoking In Ottawa Parks - Feb 23 2012, Regarding #NoMoreBullies, Robins In Nepean In Winter, and others.

Apr. 2012 - Uploaded: Ottawa Robocall Election Fraud Protest, April 1, 2012, Dude w/ His Pants Falling Down - Billings Bridge Ottawa - Apr. 14, 2012, & Wild Deer In Dry Rideau Canal, Ottawa - Apr 15, 2012. I addressed 4000 people on Parliament Hill on 420, 2012: 420 Ottawa - 2012 (Part One), & 420 Ottawa - 2012 (Part Two - 4:20 pm) The Big Moment.

Aug. 2012 - Dressed As Jesus And Crashed The 2012 Ottawa Pride Parade

Apr. 2013 - Attended 420 Ottawa 2013, spoke to crowd, handed out copies of Mommy's Funny Medicine.

July, 2013 - Launches The Sneaky-Toker's Guide To Ottawa Web Series

November, 2013 - Healh Canada sent out 40,000 envelopes that breach the privacy of everyone who received one. We end up on the front page of the Ottawa Citizen.

March, 2014 - Health Canada ends the MMAR program replacing it with MMPR. We get into the paper a number of times over this issue: Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Metro, Etc. We issue a public statement.

May, 2014 - We upgrade our lawsuit to $15.9 million, using John Turmel's "Kit". It is stayed.

June, 2014 - Post this: Marijuana Should Be Sold To Kids Like Chocolate Or Cola.

July, 2014 - Post this: A New Dilemma For Cops, and Was This Proposed Marijuana Policy Written By Cops?, and appeared on CBC in an article called Smoking Resin.

August, 2014 - Post this: Saying Goodbye.

More To Come!