The Art Work
Working since childhood in many different mediums, I have work available for sale, and can also do work on commission. Whether it's photos, the freestyle abstracts, or the "pop" portraits, I'm confident we can figure out a way to make your life better with a work of art for your home.
I started painting as a teen, and took classes at
St. Lawrence College, and The Ottawa School of Art. In my twenties and thirties, I did produce some interesting paintings that people paid actual money for.


This was a painting I did to acknowledge an Israeli bombing of Lebanon, and Stephen Harper's comments regarding the killing of civilian women, children, and old people with things like cluster bombs. It is part of a private collection.


Me and some Paintings.

I also like to use imaging software to make art that could be printed, signed, and framed to custom sizes. Mostly, I just mess around with found images from the net, and make new images. Fair use, and so on.... Check out my two flickr accounts for more images... I also like to put stuff on my blog and twitpic on a pretty regular basis, so check those often too:

Some of the images I/we have messed around with have been turned into paintings. For example, this image was derived from a photo of Ottawa comedian Ed Gougeon, by his wife Patricia.

It is pretty wild on it's own, and can be printed pretty big just as it is. But we turned it into a 20X30 inch painting:

Not only do the blue and red vibrate in your eye, Christine meticulously covered the blue area with tiny dots of gloss medium, which made the whole image shimmer and catch the light as you move in the room:
The prices for these custom paintings range widely, depending on size and level of detail. For example, a 5X5 foot painting done in simple two color hi-contrast, with a simple gloss finish over the entire surface, would be far cheaper than the same image done as a 20X30 inch, two-color, painting with gloss dots. The reason is because the dots are the most arduous and time consuming part of the process. It can take two hours to cover an area 5 x 5 inches, so they can take a long time.
The gloss dots can also be in an array of colors - similar or different than the base color - causing various different visual effects. But always remaining true to the source image and the portrat subjects.
Some examples:
And we can do it with a photo of you. Or your family, or pet, or favorite dead celebrity. Big or small, detailed or complex, we can match styles and prices to match your needs. You pick the photo, and the size, and the colors, we confer on line until you are pleased, and then we start the painting itself upon deposit.
Contact for prices.
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