Quotes About Russell Barth From People (some of them famous)

After reading that The Outlawz had smoked Tupac's ashes in a blunt, I tweeted this on Aug 30, 2011: "When I die I want my ashes thrown brusquley into the face of Ezra Levant". He quickly retweeted that, and replied: "I'd probably get high off the residual THC". Pretty funny.

"Russell Barth tells it like it is." - Steve Kubby, Medical Cannabis activist, California.

"I know Russell Barth. I have worked with Russell Barth. You, sir, are no Russell Barth!" - Don Kelly (Comedian and host of APTN's Fish Out Of Water) [speaking to Russell Barth]

"Russell Barth is the funniest comedian/marijuana legaliziation activist I know. " - Dave McConnell comedian and songwriter.

"Alas he is funnier by accident than on purpose." - Howard Wagman, manager, Yuk Yuk's Ottawa.

"When I finally lose my mind, become convinced that Kennedy, Elvis and Jack Layton were abducted by aliens who're trying to contact me...when the world says I'm a paranoid lunatic, I know, Russell Barth will be there for me. And he'll be ready to believe." - Richard Andrew Kaulbars , writer, teacher, internatinonal man of mystery.