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Space Bop #329    December 04, 2005

C-Schulz - A Musical Portrait

It's been some time since we put together a feature on one particular artist or group. Carsten Schulz, better known as C-Schulz is a particular favourite of ours and someone whose music is difficult to classify. As many of his recordings are limited editions and remain difficult to find, we thought we would offer this retrospective of sorts. For more information look to: Enjoy!

Artist Song Album/Disc Label (Year)
C-Schulz Meisterschaft 7. Party Disco Erfolg (1991)
C-Schulz Trapperfieber Jahre Später Entenpfuhl (1989)
C-Schulz 110 Peterson 7. Party Disco Erfolg (1991)
C-Schulz Ein 10. Hose Horn Entenpfuhl (1991)
C-Schulz Klang 10. Hose Horn Entenpfuhl (1991)
C-Schulz Glockenspiel 10. Hose Horn Entenpfuhl (1991)
C-Schulz Tri-Top 10. Hose Horn Entenpfuhl (1991)
C-Schulz Barbapapa 10. Hose Horn Entenpfuhl (1991)
C-Schulz Uberland 4. Film Ton Extreme (1992)
Laurent Pernice Stupid Things Exit to the City PDCD (1993)
Markus Schmickler It's a Question? Onea Gako Odd Size (1994)
Pol Dimda Transomuba Odd Size (1994)
C-Schulz Flicker 5. Flicker Tunes Sonig (2005)

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