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Space Bop #339    March 12, 2006

The Art Of The Italian Soundtrack

Nobody quite matches the Italians when it comes to high-power film soundtracks. What's even more amazing is the sheer volume of them! Ennio Morricone produced over 125 of them, let alone the other giants of the industry - Piero Piccione, Piero Umiliani, etc. They cover the entire range - Horror, crime, exploitation, sexploitation, and yes, even western! The spaghettti western, both the films and the musical style, are themselves uniquely Italian. Here's a sampling to whet your appetite... Enjoy!
Artist Song Album/Disc Label (Year)

Ennio Morricone

Deep Down (Main Title) Danger Diabolik  

Ennio Morricone

Drivin' Decoy Danger Diabolik  
Alberto Baldan Bembo Kamasutra Codice D'Amore Orientale  
Piero Piccioni Acapulco (Shake) Colpo Rovente  
Piero Umiliani Un'Isola Felice La Ragazza Della Pelle Di Luna  
Bruno Nicolai De Sade '70 Marquis de Sade  
Piero Umiliani Violenza Svezia Inferno e Paradiso  
Piero Piccioni Main Title - 10th Victim The 10th Victim  
Armando Trovajoli Blazing Magnum Beretta '70  
Piero Piccioni Main Theme Puppet On a Chain  
Guido e Maurizio de Angelis Car Chase at Margellina Beat Vol. 2: Lounge at
Gianni Ferrio Incompatabilita Beat Vol. 2: Lounge at
Piero Piccioni Il Dopolotta Beat Vol. 1: Lounge at Cinevox  
Riz Ortolani Beat Fuga Shake Beat at Cinecitta  
Bruno Nicolai Buon Funerale Amigos My Delicious Spaghetti Western  
F. De Masi/A. Alessandroni Stranger My Delicious Spaghetti Western  
Bruno Nicolai Gli Fumavano Le Colt My Delicious Spaghetti Western  

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