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Space Bop #342    April 16, 2006

French Cuts

This week, we're featuring the French Cuts series. Volume 3 has just been released, and we decided to play all three because they're just too good to only play one! For more info on the series, check out A big thanks to Martin for these comps!
Artist Song Album/Disc Label (Year)
Virginie Rodin Commando spatial French Cuts 3 Panatomic (2005)
Petula Clark Un jeun homme bien French Cuts 2 Panatomic (2002)
Phonoboy C'est ma vie French Cuts 2 Panatomic (2002)
Erick St. Laurent Le Temps d'y penser French Cuts 3 Panatomic (2005)
Alice Dona C'est pas prudent French Cuts (Bonus) Panatomic (2002)
Erick St. Laurent J'ai cru a mon reve French Cuts 3 Panatomic (2005)
Notre dame Sur ton respondeur French Cuts 3 Panatomic (2005)
Frank Alamo Heureux tous les deux French Cuts 3 Panatomic (2005)
Gillian Hills Tut Tut Tut Tut French Cuts Panatomic (2002)
Dick Rivers Via Lucifer French Cuts 3 Panatomic (2005)
Sullivan Hashish Faction French Cuts Panatomic (2002)
Phonoboy Atomique French Cuts 3 Panatomic (2005)
Stella Beatnicks d'occasion French Cuts Panatomic (2002)
Anna Karina Roller girl French Cuts 2 Panatomic (2002)
Claude Channes Mon pote rollo French Cuts 3 Panatomic (2005)
Regis Barly Faux beatnick French Cuts 3 Panatomic (2005)
Dani H comme hippies French Cuts 3 Panatomic (2005)
Laurent Lombard Papa Twist French Cuts 2 Panatomic (2002)
Janea et Alfa Blow U French Cuts 3 Panatomic (2005)

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