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Space Bop #371    December 03, 2006

The Bonzo Dog Band

This week, it's an hour of pure musical silliness of the Bonzo Dog Band, inspired by a great compilation put together by Telstar (thanks, Allan!). Enjoy!
Artist Song Album/Disc Label (Year)
Bonzo Dog Band The Intro & the Outro
Bonzo Dog Band Springtime for Hitler ['Legs' Larry Smith]
Bonzo Dog Band The Craig Torso Show
Bonzo Dog Band Jollity Farm
Bonzo Dog Band Hello Mabel
Bonzo Dog Band Rhinocratic Oaths
Bonzo Dog Band Mr. Apollo
Bonzo Dog Band I Love to Buppity-Bump (on a Bumpy Road with You) [Roger Ruskin Spear]
Bonzo Dog Band Big Shot
Bonzo Dog Band Dwarf Succulents [Vivian Stanshall]
Bonzo Dog Band Shangri-La [Neil Innes]
Bonzo Dog Band I'm The Urban Spaceman
Bonzo Dog Band "Legs" Larry at Television Centre [John Cale]
Bonzo Dog Band Rhinocratic Oaths (2)
Bonzo Dog Band Rawlinson End

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