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Space Bop #373    December 17, 2006

For Fans and Friends...

Yes, it's the last least, for the foreseeable future. We will not be posting a set playlist, but are bringing a bunch of our favourite tunes into the studio with us, and will see how much we can fit into one hour of musical madness. Stay tuned, and enjoy!
Artist Song Album/Disc Label (Year)
Der Plan Glitzergleiter Perlen AtaTak (1983)
Der Plan Geri Reig Geri Reig/Normalette Surprise AtaTak (1996)
Ursula 1000 Mambo 1000 The __ World of... Private Release
The Bran Flakes Evel Knivel I Don't Have A Friend Lomo (2000)
The Bran Flakes Smith Corona 10-Day Typing Course I Don't Have A Friend Lomo (2000)
Stock Hausen & Walkman Aerosol Organ Transplants - Vol. 1 Hot Air
Felix Kubin Psyko Billy Matli Wandalki A-Musik
Nova Huta Nova Lidova At Bambij Robot's Nonstop Datcha Stora
Messer Chups Go Satan Go Vamp Babes (Upgrade Version 2004) Solnze (2004)
Perrey & Kingsley Strangers in the Night The Essential Perrey & Kingsley Vanguard (1975)
Der Plan V.4.0 Rote Gelb Grun Die Verschworung Marina (2004)
The Tiger Lillies Lonely Schizophrenic Punch and Judy Tiger Lillies (2004)
Dragibus Hanky Panky Lollipop Autobus
Fuzzy Love Lady Marmalade Pagan Schmaltz & Other Sacrifices Fuzzy (2000)
Don Tiki The Natives Are Restless Skinny Dip With Don Tiki Taboo
Der Plan Space Bob Perlen AtaTak (1983)

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