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The alarm didn't quite wake the dead, but as Fenn would recall it sure as hell roused the living.

After nine years on the road, driving instructor Chas Fenn knows how to avoid accidental death - it's the intentional kind that gives him trouble.

The intentional kind is the seductive Brittany Reis who plans to carve a niche in the street drug trade with a new hallucinogen. When her lab technician suddenly dies, Reis is forced to partner with an aging con man who sees the opportunity as a last chance for a big payoff.

There is dishonour among thieves, and the formula is misdirected to Fenn who's main ambitions are to win at darts, and get a raise. And maybe get laid. Now, with Reis and her thugs hot on his tail, Fennís life takes a dangerous detour where the normal rules no longer apply.

In the background, Detective Inspector Evan Lareault's case load of two homicides, a fatal overdose, and a fraudulent funeral home appears unrelated until Fenn discovers a family connection to the formula, and turns from hunted to hunter.

TORQUE is a high-action tale with powder-dry humour and a sexy villain that you won't soon forget. It's a book you'll want to recommend.


  What the readers are saying:

"If there was a genre for Literary Thrillers, TORQUE would find its way to the top."  L. Andrea Mosier

"The dialogue is spot on, and the descriptive imagery is amazing." Patricia Laster

"TORQUE has the tension of a demolition derby - you can't wait for the characters to collide."  Dean Lombardo - author of "Space Games"

"The story is packed with punch , a thrilling and riveting read." .......... Alison J. Butler - author of "The Hanging of Margaret Dickson"

"The dialogue is snappy, characters authentic and engaging, and the plot is paced perfectly."  Richard Langridge - author of "Adam"

"The story comes to life. It doesn't feel like I'm reading anymore - it feels like I'm in each scene."  T. Donna Robison - author of "No Kiss Goodbye"

"The lead character is completely different from any other I've encountered in this genre. I hope to see more books from this new author!" Ann Tekatch

"Interesting characters written in a way that keeps you on the edge of your seat to the very end of the book."  Thurlow Park


"Torque starts as it means to go on by being fast paced and action packed. The story opens with anonymous characters playing out a scene, where one is selling a new street drug to some young men. The intriguing beginning ends in a death, but it opens up the tale for a myriad of other characters and plots.

The main character, Chas Fenn, is resourceful, clever, and completely likeable. He is the man who can do what the cops  fail to do; find links between the many plots and he gives the bad guys a hell of a time! There are a host of interesting deaths, action scenes, car chases, humour and characters that make this an entertaining read like the mysterious Brittany Reis,  Fenn's tongue-in-cheek friends, and a load of good and bad guys.

The story keeps its dramatic pace throughout and the twists and turns never stop. Even when you reach the end, there are still surprises to be had. A highly recommended read."

Review by Gillian O'Rourke - author of "The Reluctant Prophet"


"An action packed, fast paced thriller with new street drugs, dangerous situations and strange deaths. There are many twists and turns and a good plot. Glenn Muller can really tell a story, creates good descriptions and writes gritty dialogue.

The characters are well drawn and easy to get to know, I hope to see them turn up again in future stories as there are a few loose ends that would make a good series. Fenn was my favorite, he is the main character, and is very likeable and grows as the story evolves.

It is edgy and tense, with a good sense of time and place. The tension is built up throughout the novel. The cover also intrigued me and would make me pick it up from a bookshelf.

A very good read!"

Barbara Goldie, from the Kindle Book Review