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Actually the new site is a fair bit simpler in its construction than the last one. This site is being built manually by actually creating the files that make up the site from scratch. I figured that it was time I learned something new and put it to some use. To read a little bit more about how and why the site was redesigned click here.

Below you will find a log of news about the site. If you notice any bugs or annoying behaviour while checking out the site, feel free to email us with your complaint (or happy comment!) so that I can try to fix it.

Site News and Notes

07-06-05 In case you haven't checked in for a while, I've created a new site which is much easier to update and maintain. It's got links to the latest photo galleries and other news and notes, and you can leave comments directly on the site as well. It's actually called a 'Weblog' or 'Blog' for short. Take a look at the new site by clicking here. I hope you like it. Paul has even created one. You can find his blog here.

05-20-05 Spring has sprung and there are a few new pictures in the Swiss Miss Gallery and a new shot of Lyler slurping from the pond - you can almost hear the snorting from there eh Paul? ;) I also fiddled with the logo above and think it looks a little better. I am seriously thinking of using a web based server to hold and manage the photos. I've got about 80+ pics of Em and the various other ones. Stay tuned and you might see a little bit of a change in how and where the photos are stored among other things... But for the time being I'll leave it as is.

04-16-05 GASP! There are new pictures to look at!! I finally found (or made) some time to update the site and add some pictures. There are 14 new pics added to the Swiss Miss Gallery and 1 new photo in the Odds and Ends Gallery. Also I've played around with the site logo a little bit, enlarged the text size a smidge for readability and just really gave it a little 'Hi..How's Your Father'.

I've also added a couple of semi-useful links to the useful links page as well. There's a link to a really neat tool at Google that lets you use a road atlas but view the satellite images to match. So you can zoom in and out all over North America including looking down on Beeton Ontario!!. You can zoom in and out and pan across to wherever you want. See if you can find your house! Note: It only has North American satellite data and some areas might not have as much satellite detail as others. The second link is to a free online encyclopedia called Wikipedia maintained by the general population and written by the general population. An experiment in cooperation that seems to be working and growing.

01-21-05 The holidays are over and I've been busy playing around with the new computer Jen gave me!! -- far too busy to update the web site it seems. Anyways, I've scanned in some of the photos taken on our recent trip to Myrtle. Of course they're mostly of Emily, but there are a couple of nice sunrise photos as well. On January 20, Grandma Ruthe took Emily to see Max and Ruby (her current favourites) at the Upper Canada Mall and then to her favourite fine dining establishment...McDonalds for a nice cheeseburger lunch. Also added are a couple of screenshots from a new game I installed called 'Colin McRae Rally 2005'. These of course will be mostly of interest to Corey and maybe Uncle Paul, but the realism in video games today is really pretty amazing as you can see. More Christmas, New Years, and Birthday pics to be posted in the near future.

11-22-04 Finally the requisite Halloween pics have been added to the Swiss Miss Gallery. Winnie the Pooh never looked so cute!

10-21-04 A few new pics of Mike and the dogs were added in the Creeps Gallery.

10-07-04 A new gallery has been added to hold the photos I took of Mike, Bart and a Fish on October 2nd, 2004 at Balsam Lake. Click here to check out the photos.

09-28-04 Added a couple of recent pics. One of Emily & Paul, and one of a very handsome looking Westie.

09-18-04 Fixed bug on fun links page, IE6 was hiding some of the text.

09-13-04 There are new pics in the Swiss Miss Gallery. Look for new ones at the bottom, although there are a few new ones that were inserted further up that were not on the old site.

09-13-04 New site uploaded to replace the old one!!

09-10-04 Most of the initial pages are finished. That was tough!

09-01-04 First crack at new site design.

08-01-04 First thought that original site needed revamping.