A log of travels with our trailer


For Gail, it was yet another camping trip cancelled due to torrential rain. For me, it was the umpteenth trip from the van to the basement with an armload of gear. But it was definitely during the summer of 2009 that we looked at each other and said, "We're getting too old for this."

Of course, we were well into our third decade of tenting and had actually got it down to a fine art. We weren't exactly roughing it with our 18'x10' condo tent, queen size air mattress, and porta-potty, yet we realized that it was time to take the next logical step and move up into an RV.


At first we thought a pop-up would fit the bill, and then we started looking at hybrids with bathrooms and microwaves. Finally, Gail said, "Glenn, you know that it's going to rain - do we really want to mess around with more canvas?"

Nope. Been there - done that. So we began to focus on travel trailers.

We'd already been attending RV shows for a couple of years but in August '09 we started hitting the local dealerships in earnest.

On August 20, 2009 we purchased a 2009 Cikira Classic Cruiser 21RB.

The folks at Niagara Trailer Sales gave us a nice "out the door" price and within a week had us hitched up and ready to go.

Outfitting a new trailer is a bit like preparing a new ship for a voyage. It comes with the basic stuff you need like a bed, bathroom, stove, dinette etc., but still needs to be configured to suit your particular needs with things like extra shelves, towel hangers and such.


Also, we couldn't bring ourselves to put old stuff in a new trailer so a trip to Wallyworld was in order. Two hours and two full shopping carts later, we had sheets, pillows, towels, mats, racks, toiletries and a bunch of other stuff we didn't realize we needed until we saw it. Once that was on board all that was left to do was fill the fridge and hit the road.

Check the links below to see some of the places where that road has taken us.

Watkins Glen State Park - Watkins Glen, New York - September 13-15, 2009

Leonard Harrison State Park - Wellsboro, Pennsylvania - September 15-17, 2009

Cherry Springs State Park - Galeton, Pennsylvania - September 17-20, 2009

Deep South Trip - September 4-19, 2010