Harmony Square

2017 Harmony Square Program


This year, our summer program will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays--noon until 1:30 pm, beginning July 4 and finishing August 31, 2017.

As we have done since the summer program began, we will hold two outdoor rated events during the summer. The first will be our 7th annual Food Bank Fundraiser tournament. The date will be TBD.

Our second outdoor tournament will be determined in the new year. Complete details for both tournaments will be posted as soon as we have the details finalized.

Thanks to all who made last year a success.

Come out and enjoy a friendly game of chess with a representative of the Brantford Chess Club or other like-minded individuals.

Don't know how to play? No problem, a member of the Brantford Chess Club will be on hand to teach or help improve your game!

Are you the competitive type? We also host tournaments at the Square so you can prove you're the Champion!

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