In The Beginning Part 1









Imagine, if you will, a realm in which there is no height, width, depth or time – imagine an entity who lives in this realm – an entity called Llixgrijb. Imagine that poor Llixgrijb is trapped by some sort of extra-dimensional cave-in – there is no escape. But Llixgrijb cannot die. The consciousness will continue, all alone and completely paralyzed for eternity – or whatever the equivalent of eternity is in that realm. How would you deal with this situation??     Perhaps you’d choose to create worlds in your mind, worlds within yourself     Llixgrijb chose to create a universe.


-       -       -       -       -


Slowly, Llixgrijb thought about it. It thought of a concept called ‘place’, and it chose to set about creating one - then another - then connecting them together. Llixgrijb created a vision in which everything was connected to everything else.


-       -       -       -       -


Now, outside of time and space, Llixgrijb started working on its greatest achievement: a universe with height, width, depth and time – a universe with the illusion of chronological history. And then it chose to create imaginary entities for its entertainment – imaginary entities like yourself, gentle reader. But Llixgrijb was afraid. “Suppose my creatures discover they are only phantoms,” wondered Llixgrijb – “suppose they learn that I am the only reality...”


-       -       -       -       -


Outside of time and space, Llixgrijb was still dissatisfied. “I have created a world full of imaginary creatures”, said Llixgrijb “and yet I am alone. How can this be?” Despite the populousness of its illusion, Llixgrijb could only watch its lovely universe from the outside. It had not forgotten its own suffering and loneliness. It was not fully a part of the creation it had made. “I must become part of my illusion”, considered Llixgrijb, “and to do that, I must don a costume; I must wear a mask. I must forget myself forever. But what, or who, shall I become?”

                                                 Part 1 adapted from Coleman & Perrin –The Jamais Vu Papers







In the Beginning -Part 2









According to an ancient Greek creation myth, originally Mankind was one, that is to say - there was no diversity in our world – the creation gods, at their dawning state of wisdom, seemingly thought that with all of us as one there would be no possibility of misunderstanding nor dissension entering the world.


 So it was chosen that mankind was to be one; there was no diversity – and thus there was no dissension.

{the analogy is that of mankind as a hand with all 5 fingers extended but held tightly together - 'hand' in name, but not 'hand' in function.


Eventually, it was realized by the creation gods that there was a problem with this humanity 'one-ness' concept. While there was certainly stability, there was no flux and hence there was no possibility of learning, since learning is an outgrowth of comparisons, time and patience. And if mankind was not learning and evolving, then the gods themselves were deprived of learning through mankind’s experience.


And so it was that the creative gods, themselves, learned from their first, faulty, 'one-ness' humanity design. And, having learned, eventually they created diversity, bringing out revised models of mankind – the most recent being that which is with us today.

{The 'hand' of mankind best functions when the fingers are all spread open, with each ‘finger’ comprising, in effect, a separate sentient self – each finger palpating reality and all, together, grasping as a hand the ideas and thoughts derived from the sensed reality.}


So diversity arose. And whom does this diversity benefit? Well, firstly of course, it benefits all the members of our race, as we choose to use our individual wills to touch and understand our own and each other’s reality and communicate our respective perspectives. Thereby we teach and learn from each other through our separate sensing. Ultimately though, the highest benefit accrues to the Owner of the hand - the Owner that created the sentient instruments and who lives through Its creatures.


Yet why?? you might ask, gentle reader - Why this gloriously complex, evolving multiversity? Now there is the Question. But the answer to that question, according to the ancient creation myth, is said to be only elicited after much humble wonder. The answer is said to lie nested within another realm – a vast reality buried deeply within the potentials of our questing Hearts. And that reality becomes revealed to each of us in turn as we choose to deeply ponder the wonder of life and, with the aid of time and using much patience, we each learn for ourselves life’s ineffable answer to our awe-filled “why?”






In The Beginning – Part 3






Now, gentle reader, there was an intermediate stage in the ancient Greek creation narrative – a transitional epoch between original ‘one-ness’ and the present creative multiversity. The narrative for humans goes along the following lines:


Man and woman were initially created as one unit, physically. At that time we were called - as a race - “Androgyne”. Anatomically, we were similar in many respects to what we now are. But we were attached to each other – man and woman – fused back-to-back. Each androgyne unit hence had four arms and four legs, two torsos and heads – with the male and female facing in opposite directions. For locomotion, the androgyne unit turned cartwheels and could cover distance quickly assuming, of course, that the minds of the coupled unit had a common sense of goal. If you can imagine the male/female back-to-back configuration, it follows that the human race was, by necessity, quite pre-occupied with social interface. The creatures were very social and, more often than occurs now, loved their neighbours, and the resulting population growth rate was phenomenal.


And as the race multiplied, the androgynes’ already boisterous sense of confidence magnified –to the point that collective over-confidence - or hubris - set in. So much so that one day they all, as if with one mind, chose to storm the mountain home of the chief god, Zeus, to take over the whole shooting match. Cart wheeling and caterwauling up Mount Olympus they went, making such a racket that Zeus awakened from his siesta, and old Zeus was not amused at the sight before him. Seeing what was afoot He picked up his quiver of lightening bolts and started throwing them at the oncoming cart-wheeling mob, eventually striking each androgyne.


As each coupled unit was hit by Zeus’ bolts, a strange thing happened – the electrical charge ‘de-fused’ the couples – it split them asunder into two separate entities – man (animus) and woman (anima). And then the individuals as they sought cover lost track of their former counterparts in the bedlam of milling men and women and all of them forgot their lofty Olympian goal.


This is the reason why - according to the ancient myth - to this very day each of us, deeply sensing our individual incompleteness, is impelled to search for and find our other half – the mythic soul-mate – and thereby recover our whole potential.




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