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DREAMS: The Shadow of Something Real                                  Recent essay from Remedy’s Our Stories

Most Holy Metaphor                       .               .               +              Akim Reinhardt  09-04-12**

What the New Atheists Don’t See                                    +              Theodore Dalrymple   Autumn 2007

Ten Core Beliefs of Humanists                                                      Humanist Association of Canada

The Genesis Factor                                                +          Stephan A. Hoeller – [The Reality to which the Gnostics & all Creation Stories point]

Science and Religion                                                         +              John Hick  03-02

Islam and the Prophet of God                                                         What Western writers have written

Reverence For Life                                                                           Albert Schweitzer

TAO te CHING                                                  +          Lao Tzu  (translation by Stephen Mitchell)

Deism as Compared to Christianity                              +              Thomas Paine

An Introduction to Pantheism

History of GOD                                                                                  Karen Armstrong

The Age of Reason                                                             +              Thomas Paine

The Cosmos - The Macrocosm                                                       Swami Vivekananda

The Gnostic Gospels                                                                          Elaine Pagels [Extracts from the 1945 Nag Hammedi, Egypt discovery]

Unholy strictures                                                                +              Karen Armstrong - The Guardian - 11-08-05 

The Synthesis of Yoga                                                                      Sri Aurobindo [Fragments from his writings]

Whole-Mind – Four Indications                                     +              Wei Wu Wei (Terence Gray)





Reflections on the Dawn of Consciousness: Julian Jaynes’s Bicameral Mind Theory Revisited  +  Julian Jaynes Society Description: Description: Description: new

The Science Formerly Known as Religion  .               .               +              Frank Wilczek  Jan 2008

Sensed Presences and Mystical States           .               .                               Dr. Michael Persinger

“Intelligent Design:  Yesterday’s Orthodoxy, Today’s Heresy”+         Wm A Dembski, Ph.D. 17-01-05

Survival Physics                 .               .               .               .               +              Ronald Pearson  

A Scientist's Thoughts About God                 .                               +              Elizabet Sahtouris

Alfred North Whitehead's "Process" Philosophy     .                               Remedy’ study notes (11/93)

THE END OF TIME         .               .               .               .               +              Julian Barbour, Phd.  (The Third Culture – ) 

River of Truth – The Lifework of David Bohm        .               +              Will Keepin, Phd

Science, Consciousness and (dare I say it?) God        .               +              Peter Russell



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