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Health - somatic

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Cosmology / Biophysics: Intelligent Design, Evolution, and Process

Healing and Balance: The Intimacy Path

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Health - somatic

Nature’s Life-Management System       .               An essay from Remedy’s Our Stories ***  

Blueprint For Immortality: The Electric Patterns Of Life                    Harold Saxton Burra remedy book review  ***

A Personal Mission Statement                                                Ivan Illich 




The Neuroscience of Despair          .               .               .               .               +              Michael W. Begun  www.thenewatlantis.com  Fall 2014 issue *** NEW

The Well Curve – How diseases undermine intellectual development    +              Harriet Washington  https://theamericanscholar.org  07-09-15**  NEW    

Walking in nature lowers risk of depression, scientists find in MRI study  +     www.kurzweilai.net  01-07-15 NEW

Hacking The Nervous System        [Influencing the Vagus Nerve)           +              Gaia Vince  http://mosaicscience.com  26-05-15 *** NEW

 How We Age .     .               .               .               .               .               .               +              The Scientist Staff  www.the-scientist.com  01-03-15 **  NEW

The Brain’s Way of Healing by Norman Doidge - a book of miracles +              (review) Lisa Appignanesi  www.theguardian.com  22-02-15*** NEW

Our Inner Viruses: Forty Million Years In the Making           .               +              Carl Zimmer  http://phenomena.nationalgeographic.com  01-02-15**

Statins cause brain dysfunction                        .                       .                       .                       ..                      +                     Dr. Brownstein  www.naturalnews.com   23-12-14 **

Where do you Live? BE THE BODY           .               .               .               +              Dr. Rick Hanson  http://archive.constantcontact.com  **

Monsanto's Roundup Linked to Cancer - Again        .               .               +              Jeff Ritterman, M.D. http://truth-out.org  06-10-14***

Cancer Biomarkers: Written In Blood                        .               .               +              Ed Yong  www.nature.com  30-07-14**

The Secret History Behind The Science Of Stress     .               .               +              Alix Spiegel  www.npr.org   07-07-14***

How stress can clog your arteries  .               .               .               .               +              Sarah C. P. Williams  http://news.sciencemag.org  22-06-14**          

Studies offer ‘panoramic view’ of lung cancer          .               .               +              Monya Baker  www.nature.com 13-09-12***

The Twenty-four Hour Mind: The Role of Sleep & Dreaming in Our Emotional Lives  +  Rosalind D. Cartwright www.brainpickings.org 13-08-12**

Science's Long – and Successful – Search for Where Memory Lives  +              Dan Hurley  http://discovermagazine.com 07-06-12 ***^

75% of physicians in the world refuse chemotherapy for themselves +              S. D. Wells  www.naturalnews.com  04-06-12***

Great Expectations: Evolutionary Psychology Of Faith-Healing & Placebo Effect  +  Nicholas Humphrey  www.humphrey.org.uk pdf. 2002**   

The Evolved Self-Management System       [PLACEBO]        .               +              Nicholas Humphrey  http://edge.org  05-12-11***

Full Report: International Medical Council On Vaccination pdf.         +              www.naturalnews.com  01-01-11 ***

Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science [re work of Dr. John Ioannidis]   +    David H. Freedman  www.theatlantic.com  Nov 2010 issue ***

We Expect Immortality From Medicine - & It's Destroying Our Health  +       Lewis Lapham  www.alternet.org  24-09-09 **

Permanent Reincarnation                               .               .               .               +              TOR NØRRETRANDERS  www.edge.org  Jan 2008 **

Clinical Neuropsychology (Acquired Brain Injury) .               .                               Dr. Michael Persinger

Universal Immunization: Medical Miracle or Masterful Mirage           +              Dr. Raymond Obomsawin   


Health – psyche

DREAMS: The Shadow of Something Real                                  An essay from Remedy’s Our Stories ***


Hope Is The Enemy           (Aging, memory, dementia)               .               +              Dasha Kiper  https://theamericanscholar.org 07-09-15*** NEW

Esther Sternberg: Science of Stress - How Our Emotions Affect Disease  +       Maria Popova  www.brainpickings.org  **                NEW

What has neuroscience ever done for us? [considering mental health] +              Jonathan Roiser  https://thepsychologist.bps.org.uk  Apr 2015 issue  NEW

Hard Feelings: Science’s Struggle to Define Emotions                            +              Julie Beck  www.theatlantic.com  24-02-15** NEW

The Future of an Illusion .               [Psychiatry examined]       .               +              Gary Greenberg www.bookforum.com  Feb/Mar 2015 issue***  NEW         

My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward              .               .               .               +              Mark Lukach  www.psmag.com  12-01-14 ** 

The Real Roots Of Mid-life Crisis        .        .               .               .               +              Jonathan Rauch  www.theatlantic.com  17-11-14***

A Social Visit with Hallucinated Voices       .               .               .               +              Vaughan Bell  http://neuro.plos.org  08-09-14 by vcostello ***

The Mind Matters              .               .               .                               .               +              Yohan J. John  www.3quarksdaily.com 11-08-14***

How To Speak The Language Of Thought .               .               .               +              Tom Stafford www.bbc.com  18-08-14**    

How We Grieve: The Messiness of Mourning & Learning to Live with Loss  + Maria Popova  www.brainpickings.org 15-06-14**

How the Brain Creates Personality: New Theory of Cognitive Modes  +           S.M. Kosslyn & G.W. Miller  www.theatlantic.com 11-11-13***

Mood Science and the Evolutionary Origins of Depression   .               +              Maria Povova  www.brainpickings.org  30-03-14 ***

How Antidepressants Affect Selfhood, Sexuality & Our Quest for Personal Identity  +  Maria Povova  www.brainpickings.org  13-09-13 ***

Psychiatry Now Admits It's Been Wrong in Big Ways - But Can It Change?  + Bruce E Levine  www.truth-out.org  05-03-14***

Fixed vs. Growth: The Two Basic Mindsets That Shape Our Lives      +              Maria Popova  www.brainpickings.org  29-01-14**

Listening to the inner voice             .               .               .               .               +              John Hewitt  http://medicalxpress.com   05-12-13**

How Our Minds Mislead Us: The Marvels and Flaws of Our Intuition  +           Maria Popova reviews Daniel Kahneman  www.brainpickings.org 03-11-13***

Ode to positive constructive daydreaming  .               .               .               +              McMillan, Kaufman & Singer  www.frontiersin.org  23-09-13***

The Self in Self-Help         [This Thing called an ‘I’ - five page series] +              Kathryn Schulz  http://nymag.com  Jan 2013 issue***

Grief, Bereavement, and Coping With Loss                               .               +              National Cancer Institute  www.cancer.gov  ***

The Hidden Cause of Clinical Depression   .               .               .               +              Peter Michaelson  www.whywesuffer.com 12-12-11***

The Epidemic of Mental Illness: Why?         [Part I]                 .               +              Marcia Angell  www.nybooks.com  23-06-11 ***

The Illusions of Psychiatry                             [Part II]                 .               +              Marcia Angell   www.nybooks.com 14-06-11 ***

In Defense Of Therapy     [In the Age of Depression]                .               +              Jonah Lehrer  www.wired.com  14-12-10 ***

Pandora, Prometheus, and Pessimism      [The Art Of Facing Reality]+             Tauriq Moosa  www.3quarksdaily.com  12-04-10 **

Link to interview of psychiatric critic Thomas Szasz                              +              Audio & transcript via www.mindhacks.com 04-04-09 *

The Pleasure Seekers [Distinguishing pleasure, desire & happiness]    +              Helen Phillips - New Scientist  11-10-03 **

The Symptom Path to Enlightenment: Mind-Body Healing   .               +              Ernest Lawrence Rossi, Ph.D.  www.ernestrossi.com **

Bioelectromagnetic Field Effects  .               .               .               .                               Dr. Michael Persinger  *

Philosophy in (Rational-Emotive) Therapy: Albert Ellis, PhD.             +               Interviewed by Jeffrey Mishlove http://www.intuition.org/ *

The Science of HeartMath                               .               .               ..                              Institute of HeartMath **




Consciousness exists beyond any doubt (indeed, it is the only thing whose existence is beyond doubt). If consciousness is integrated information, then integrated information exists. Moreover, according to the Integrated Information Theory, it exists as a fundamental quantity—as fundamental as mass, charge, or energy. As long as there is a functional mechanism in a certain state, it must exist ipso facto as integrated information.


If one accepts these premises, a useful way of thinking about consciousness as a fundamental property is as follows: We are by now used to considering the universe as a vast empty space that contains enormous conglomerations of mass, charge, and energy—giant bright entities (where brightness reflects energy or mass) from planets to stars to galaxies. In this view (that is, in terms of mass, charge, or energy), each of us constitutes an extremely small, dim portion of what exists—indeed, hardly more than a speck of dust.


However, if consciousness (i.e. integrated information) exists as a fundamental property, an equally valid view of the universe is this: a vast empty space that contains mostly nothing, and occasionally just specks of integrated information—mere dust, indeed—even there where the mass-charge–energy perspective reveals huge conglomerates. On the other hand, one small corner of the known universe contains a remarkable concentration of extremely bright entities – where brightness reflects high orders of magnitude brighter than anything around them. Each bright “star” is the main complex of an individual human being (and most likely, of individual animals). I argue that such a consciousness-centric view is at least as valid as that of a universe dominated by mass, charge, and energy. In fact, it may be more valid, since to be highly conscious implies that there is something it is like to be you, whereas if you just have high mass, charge, or energy, there may be little or nothing it is like to be you. From this standpoint, it would seem that entities with high integrated consciousness exist in a stronger sense than entities of high mass. 

(Giulio TononiConsciousness as Integrated Information Theory)


     The Perennial Dialogue               An essay from Remedy’s Our Stories ***

The Mystery of Consciousness and Self       An  essay from Remedy’s Our Stories ***

 Transmissions                    A dialogue from Remedy’s Our Stories ***


New Clues to How the Brain Maps Time                     .               .               +              Emily Singer www.quantamagazine.org  26-01-16 **  NEW         

Why Do We Intuitively Believe We Have Free Will                                .               +              Dr. Tom Stafford  www.bbc.com  07-08-15 ***  NEW

Steve Grossberg’s Long Walk Toward the Light      .               .               +              Barbara Moran  www.bu.edu/research  06-08-15 ** NEW

Why can’t the greatest minds solve the mystery of consciousness?      +              Oliver Burkeman  www.theguardian.com  21-01-15  NEW

Genetic Memory: How We Know Things We Never Learned            +              Dr. Darold Treffert   www.scientificamerican.com   28-01-15***

The Anatomy of Attention                               ..              .               .               +              Alan Lightman  www.newyorker.com 01-10-14**

Cracking The Brain’s Codes           .               .               .               .               +              Christof Koch & Gary Marcus  www.technologyreview.com 17-06-14***

How Memory Speaks        .               [A multiple book review]    .               +              Jerome Groopman  www.nybooks.com  22-05-14**

A neuroscientist's radical theory of how networks become conscious +              Christof Koch interviewed by Brandon Keim  www.wired.co.uk  15-11-13***

Ode to positive constructive daydreaming  .               .               .               +              McMillan, Kaufman & Singer  www.frontiersin.org  23-09-13***

Louder Than Words: New Science of How the Mind Makes Meaning+              Benjamin K. Bergen (an excerpt)  www.scientificamerican.com **

Speak, Memory                  {The enigma of true or false memory]         +              Oliver Sacks  www.nybooks.com  21-02-13**

Awakening           [The quest to solve the riddle of Consciousness]        +              Joshua Lang  www.theatlantic.com  Jan 2013 issue***

A "Complex" Theory of Consciousness       [A Giulio Tononi redux]   +              Christof Koch www.scientificamerican.com  18-08-09** 

Meditation: Controlled Psychophysical Self-Regulation Process That Works  +  Stephan A. Schwartz  www.explorejournal.com Nov 2011 ***

Conscious Electromagnetic Information (CEMI) Field Theory (pdf.)+              Johnjoe McFadden  www.sgha.net  2002 ***

The global brainweb: An update on global workspace theory.              +              Bernard J. Baars http://cogweb.ucla.edu ***

Your Brain Knows a Lot More Than You Realize    .               .               +              David Eagleman  http://discovermagazine.com  27-10-11***

The Importance of Mind-Wandering           [The crucible of creativity]+           Jonah Lehrer   www.wired.com  25-10-11***

Consciousness as Integrated Information: a Provisional Manifesto   +              Giulio Tononi   www.biolbull.org  abstract & full pdf. 12-08 ****

Marriage of Mind and Brain - Field Substance of Mind - A Hypothesis             Robert A. Charman   (linked to appendix in Remedy’s Questers Two) *

What Are the Limits of Sapient Judgment?[Operational Intelligence]+             George Mobus http://questioneverything.typepad.com 24-08-10  ***

Biocentric Universe Theory: Life Creates Time, Space & Cosmos Itself +        Robert Lanza & Bob Berman  http://discovermagazine.com May 2009 issue ***

What Makes You Uniquely "You"?    [Nobel laureate Gerald Edelman]+         interviewed by Susan Kruglinski  http://discovermagazine.com 16-01-09 **

Feeling of What Happens: Body, Emotion & Making of Consciousness+            Antonio Damasio’s book - reviewed by Bruce G Charlton*

First Person Plural            [Our multiple selves]         .               .               +              Paul Bloom  www.theatlantic.com November, 2005 issue  **

DREAMS:  Royal Road To The Unconscious             .               .                               remedy’ study notes on the work of Montague Ullman

Beyond Biofeedback       .                                .              .                       Elmer & Alyce Green – a remedy book review of the Greens’ work in

                                                                                                                                   development of cybernetic control of physiological, psychosomatic

                                                                                                                                                   and emotional states; mind theory and field independence.


Cosmology / Biophysics: Intelligent Design, Evolution, and Process


Origins: Emergence and Process                       An essay from Remedy’s Our Stories ***

DREAMS: The Shadow of Something Real      Ant essay from Remedy’s Our Stories ***

Process: Life, Thought and The Thinker         An essay from Remedy’s Our Stories ***

So … What’s It All About, Adam??               An essay from Remedy’s Our Stories ***

Nature’s Life-Management System               An essay from Remedy’s Our Stories ***

Intention: Reality’s Hidden Force                 An essay from Remedy’s Our Stories ***

Blueprint For Immortality: The Electric Patterns Of Life    Harold Saxton Burr – a Keith & Marnie’s Remedy book review  ***



A Fight for the Soul of Science                       .               .               .               +              Natalie Wolchover  www.quantamagazine.org 16-12-15 *** NEW

How Water, Paradoxically, Creates the Land We Walk On  .               +              Julia Rosen  http://nautil.us/  16-06-15 NEW

This Is My Vision Of "Life"           [Genes and their vehicles]                +              Richard Dawkins  http://edge.org  30-04-15 ***  NEW

The Singular Universe and the Reality of Time   [review]       .               +              R. M. Unger & Lee Smolin  www.theguardian.com/book 06-02-15***

Breakthrough DNA Editor Borne of Bacteria           .               .               +              Carl Zimmer  www.quantamagazine.org   06-02-15***

Jumping DNA and the Evolution of Pregnancy.        .               .               +              Ed Yong  http://phenomena.nationalgeographic.com  29-01-15**

The Hummingbird Effect: Galileo Invents Time & Gives Rise to Modern Clock Tyranny  + Maria Popova  www.brainpickings.org  26-10-14**

TIME: The Grand Illusion                                              ..              .               +              Jim Holt  www.laphamsquarterly.org  September 2014      

My Own Personal Nothingness       .               .               .               .               +              Alan Lightman  http://nautil.us  28-08-14**

Epigenetics: The Sins Of The Father            .               .               .               +              Virginia Hughes www.nature.com  05-03-14***

Jeremy England’s New Thermodynamic Theory of the Origin of LIFE +          Natalie Wolchover www.simonsfoundation.org  22-01-14***

Evidence that proteins in human body vibrate in different patterns    +              Study: University of Buffalo  http://thewatchers.adorraeli.com 16-01-14***

Life is a Braid in Spacetime                            .               .               .               +              Max Tegmark  http://nautil.us  09-01-14***

A Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics   .               .               .               +              Natalie Wolchover  www.simonsfoundation.org 17-09-13***

What Can You Really Know?         [An existential detective story]       +              Freeman Dyson  www.nybooks.com  08-11-12**

Soma-Significance: Relationship Between Physical & Mental              +              David Bohm  www.goertzel.org 10-92 ***

Inorganic (Abiotic) Origin of Petroleum     [Research paper]                 +                http://origeminorganicadopetroleo.blogspot.com 10-02-11 ***

Semiotics is a theory of life              pdf.        .               .               .               +              Kalevi Kull Ottawa lecture  www.zbi.ee  2005  ***

Overlapping Morphic Fields  [exploring reality with Rupert Sheldrake]+        Gil Dekel  www.poeticmind.co.uk  10-09 **

THERE IS GRANDEUR IN THIS VIEW OF LIFE  .               .               +              Richard Dawkins  www.edge.org  30-09-09 **

From Biology to Biography           .               .               .               .               +              William Hurlbut  http://www.thenewatlantis.com/  **

Directed Panspermia: The Case for Extraterrestrial Intervention      +              Will Hart  http://www.world-mysteries.com/  **

Fred Hoyle - Interviewed by Brig Klyce      .               .               .               +              Institute for Astronomy, Cambridge http://www.panspermia.org/ 05-07-96***

The Electrical Patterns of Life  [The Work of Dr. Harold Saxton Burr]  +       World Research Foundation  www.wrf.org  **

THE UNIVERSAL ORGANISM – Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D.                   +              in conversation with Jeffrey Mishlove http://www.intuition.org/ *

A Globe, Clothing Itself with a Brain: Evolution – Teilhard de Chardin +        http://www.wired.com/  **

The Cosmic Serpent                                                                          .                               Jeremy Narby - a remedy book review - an Amazonian ethno-biologist’s conclusion:

                   all life comprises intelligence interacting and communicating

                   through chemically coded interfaces


Alfred North Whitehead's "Process" Philosophy     .               .                               ‘Remedy’ study notes (11/93)

Cross Currents                                                                                    .                               Dr. Robert Becker – a remedy book review of Becker’s landmark

  ‘Perils of Electro-pollution and the Promise of Electro-medicine’ 



Healing and Balance: The Intimacy Path 

Thoughts On Grieving For A Beloved               Latest Remedy story  NEW

Thoughts on Temporal Love: The Life Force               Companion Remedy story 

An Ode To Our 50 Years On The Path Together          An essay from Remedy’s Our Stories ***


On Marrying The Wrong Person                  .               .               .               +              www.thebookoflife.org     ***  NEW

Love Is Like Cocaine        ..              .               .               .               .               +              Helen Fisher  http://nautil.us  04-02-16 ** NEW                                               

Grief and Buddhism: comfort in impermanence      .               .               +              Litsa  www.whatsyourgrief.com  18-02-13** NEW

A Social Visit with Hallucinated Voices       .               .               .               +              Vaughan Bell  http://neuro.plos.org  08-09-14 by vcostello *** 

A “Dynamic Interaction”: Leo Buscaglia on Why Love Is a Learned Language  + Maria Popova www.brainpickings.org  07-06-14**

The Psychology of Trust in Work and Love  (David DeSteno’s work)+              Maria Popova  www.brainpickings.org  09-02-14***

The Science of Sex             [author Daniel Bergner interviewed]            +              Katherine Rowland  www.guernicamag.com  05-12-13***

Science of Stress, Orgasm & Creativity: How Brain & Vagina Conspire in Consciousness  +  Maria Popova/ Naomi Wolf  www.brainpickings.org 30-09-13***

The Healthy Side of Sex - Prescription: Sexual Healing      [Interview]+            Paul Pearsall, Ph.D  www.ivanhoe.com  01-11-02 **

A marriage made in hormones      .               .               .               .               +              Dr. Vaughan Bell  www.mindhacks.com  21-04-10 ***

Extracts from The Diaries of Adam and Eve             .               ..              +              Mark Twain   http://classiclit.about.com  **

When Two Become One: The Mysterious Process of Fertilization      +              Claire Ainsworth  - Nature News - 25-03-08  **

Getting Human Nature Right     [Understanding your mate]                  +              Helena Cronin  [A www.edge.org talk]  **                 

SEXUAL SELECTION AND THE MIND     .               .               .               +              A Talk with Geoffrey Miller http://www.edge.org/ - 2004  



The Family Corner


                And Then, There’ll Be One              Latest essay from Remedy’sOur Stories  ***

                The Way It Used To Be                    Everett John Elliott – a Patriarch’s memoir ***

So…. THIS Is Us                     From our photo albums                          ***

Time, Love, and The Dream of Family       An essay from Remedy’sOur Stories ***

Our Ancestors Speak                         An essay from Remedy’sOur Stories ***



A Grief Observed               [The Cherished Little Book]            .               +              C. S. Lewis  http://korycapps.files.wordpress.com  pdf. ***

Loss and Bereavement Counselling Information                      .               +              www.counsellingsydney.com.au    

Families & Grief: "We've Had the Same Loss, Why Don't We Have the Same Grief?  +   Kathleen R. Gilbert, Ph.D www.griefnet.org

How Not to Die                    [The problem of end-of-life care]  .               +              Jonathan Rauch  www.theatlantic.com  24-04-13**^

The Medication Generation: Teenagers & Antidepressants                   +              Katherine Sharpe  http://online.wsj.com   29-06-12**^

The Case Against Kids: Is procreation immoral?     .               .               +              Elizabeth Kolbert  www.newyorker.com  09-04-12**

Beautiful Brains - - -  Why teenagers act the way they do       .               +              David Dobbs  http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com  Oct 2011 issue**

Why you won't find the meaning of life      [the importance of tradition]  +       Spengler  www.atimes.com  28-08-11**^

Diagnosis: Broken-Heart Syndrome -  Hearts Actually Can Break     +              Ron Winslow http://online.wsj.com  09-02-10 **

The True Story      [repeated word for word as I heard it]                      +              Mark Twain  www.readbookonline.net   (circa 1876)  *

Canada’s Madonna and Child                                                                                        Goddard, J. & Harrington, R.           

The Politics of Experience; The Politics of The Family;}                                       {remedy study notes reviewing the books of Dr. R. D. Laing

The Divided Self; Self and Others; The Facts of Life                 }                                            {                                                                         



Taking Time To Smell The Roses

Process: Life, Thought and The Thinker     An essay from Remedy’s Our Stories ***

So … What’s It All About, Adam??               An essay from Remedy’s Our Stories ***

The Mystery of Consciousness and Self       An essay from Remedy’s Our Stories ***

BEAUTY – our aesthetic ground                    A dialogue from Remedy’s Our Stories ***

Reflections on Narcissus         [Stunning reprise of the Classic fable]                   Colin Mckim  Keith & Marnie’s Remedy ***



The Six Pillars of The Wholehearted Life                  .               .               +              Parker Palmer  www.brainpickings.org  16-08-15**  NEW          

An Atheist Considers God's Plan   .               .               .               .               +              Akim Reinhardt  www.3quarksdaily.com  06-04-15 **   NEW           

Cling Less, Love More                     [Reduce “Rope Burn”]                      +              Dr. Rick Hanson  http://archive.constantcontact.com  

Dial Up The Magic Of This Moment  [Joanna Macy on Rilke]               +              Maria Popova  www.brainpickings.org 14-12-14**

The Ego & the Universe: Alan Watts on Becoming Who You Really Are  +      Maria Popova  www.brainpickings.org   02-02-14***

The Glory of Leaves         [The miracle and magic of life]     .               +              Rob Dunn  http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com  Oct 2012 issue***^

How To Do What You Really Love               .               .               .               +              Paul Graham  www.paulgraham.com  01-06  **

Acts of Love        .               .               .               .               .               .               +              Chris Hedges  www.commondreams.org  20-02-12**

If You Pick Us, Do We Not Bleed? [understanding plant experience]  +              Stefany Golberg  http://thesmartset.com 22-11-11***

International Space Station : Breathtaking Views of Earth   .               +              01-10-11 ***^

The 20 Minute Ultradian Healing Response               …an Interview.   +              Ernest Lawrence Rossi, Ph.D.  www.ernestrossi.com *

The Way is Tao                  .               .               .               .               .               +              The Taoist poetry of Jos Slabbert - a Namibian Master **

Wei Wu Wei        .               .               .               .               .               .                               Remedy excerpts from the writings of a Western oriental philosopher**

Meditation: Escaping Into Life      .               .               .               .                               Shinzen Young (an interview) **

The Synthesis of Yoga      .               .               .               .               .                               Sri Aurobindo [Fragments from his writings]**

The Buddha Taught…      .               .               .               .               .               +              Wei Wu Wei (Terence Gray) – from “Posthumous Pieces” **

In Praise of Idleness          .               .               .               .               .               +              Bertrand Russell - 1932 **

The Art of Living: Vipassana Meditation   .               .               .               +              S.N. Goenka * 



Communication: The Dynamic That Defines – and Gives Meaning To – Life    An essay from Remedy’s Our Stories ***

                                                                     The Perennial Dialogue               An essay from Remedy’s Our Stories ***


How to Listen Between the Lines: Anna Deavere Smith on the Art of Listening  +  Maria Popova  www.brainpickings.org   02-02-15

AVOID NEWS – 14 Steps Towards a Healthy News Diet        .               +              Rolf Dobelli  http://dobelli.com ***

AVOID NEWS -   FAQs   Part 2       pdf.        .               .               .               +              Rolf Dobelli   http://dobelli.com ***

King, Kennedy, and the Power Of Words    .               .               .               +              Tim Wendel  http://theamericanscholar.org ***

How to Think                      [In a nation of the blind]   .               .               +              Chris Hedges  www.commondreams.org  09-07-12***

Communication and Congruence  .               .               .               .               +              Virginia Satir  (in interview by Jeffrey Mishlove) *

Martin Buber                      .               .               .               .               .                               remedy study notes and quotes 

Marshall McLuhan           .               .               .               .               .               +              The Interview (Playboy 3-69)** 


Social Psychology

Regeneration: Cycles and Turnings              An essay from Remedy’sOur Stories ***



How To Be Alone: An Antidote To Social Anxiety    .               .               +              Maria Popova  www.brainpickings.org 14-12-14 

The Real Roots Of Mid-life Crisis        .        .               .               .               +              Jonathan Rauch  www.theatlantic.com  17-11-14***

The Age of Loneliness is killing us                .               .               .               +              George Monbiot www.theguardian.com 14-10-14**

The Psychology of Trust in Work and Love  (David DeSteno’s work)+              Maria Popova  www.brainpickings.org  09-02-14***

On Suicide … And why we should talk more about it               .               +              Clancy Martin  http://harpers.org  25-06-13***

Blood Is Their Argument                    [Life amongst the Yanomamö]    +              Napoleon Chagnon, in conversation  http://edge.org  06-06-13 ***

It’s irrational to be religious           .               .               .               .               +              Jared Diamond   www.salon.com  13-01-13***

Vengeance Is Ours:    What tribal societies tell us about revenge           +              Jared Diamond  www.newyorker.com  21-04-08 **

The Social Function of Intellect     .               .               .               .               +              Nicholas K. Humphrey (pdf)  www.humphrey.org.uk/  **

John Bowlby on Human Attachment            .               .               .               +              a précis by John H. Hoover - 03-04  *

A People's History of the United States        .               .               .               +              Howard Zinn, PHd (history) – major excerpts from his book *

Directly Influencing All Humanity via Induced EMF              .                               Prof. Michael Persinger (Laurentian University) 6-95

Psychology and Power: Understanding Human Action           .                               David Smail

Transactional Analysis    .               .               .               .               .                               remedy’ study notes on the TA work of Eric Berne




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